Six-year-old girl maced in NYC laundromat; suspect arrested

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The suspect caught by surveillance cameras assaulting and pepper spraying a man and his daughter turned himself in Monday.

Video of the assailant circulated in the media, showing the man — identified by police as 27-year-old Fernando Gonzales — enter a laundromat on White Plains Road in the Wakefield section of the Bronx on Saturday around 6:10 p.m.

The man turned himself in around 8:20 p.m.

Fernando Gonzalez

Fernando Gonzalez turned himself in to police after surveillance footage of him macing and assaulting a 6-year-old girl and her father was released.


  • Guest

    Which was it Pepperspray or Mace? Thhey are two different irritants/disablers. No excuse for what was done but best to get facts straight.

    • guest

      Why are you offended that someone is intelligent enough to expect paid writers to be literate, and accurate in their work?

      You're part of the problem of this country being dumbed down.

      • jack

        The problem is your more worried about the facts being "straight" than the people being assaulted.

        FWI For many people the act of using a irritant/disabler on another person regardless of brand or chemical used is Macing.

    • matt

      That's the problem. Someone should have seen this and stomped his guts out…. Or shot him. Spraying a kid that young and even her Dad, on an assault type attack should NOT be allowed by anyone! Everyone is acting like sheep because a state like NY has told everyone it's NOT okay to be a sheepdog.

      • sonya

        you are so right. everyday I watch people harass workers like cashiers etc and no one say anything but me. I can't stand SHEEPLE. I would kicked the $#@% out of him.

  • nathan

    haha you know you write for a bunch of shitbags when the comment wanting correct facts gets downvoted and the ignorant guy eschewing them is upvoted.

    • Guest

      I voted thumbs up for this comment.It was first shown as a thumbs down, then it disappeared. Obviously the moderator is the writer.

    • guest

      The original reporter plus wpix 11 and their sponsors need to know what goes on in their comment section of reporting.

    • matt

      Nah, Nathan. It just doesn't matter. He's arguing about mace or pepper spray and that's like arguing over it being a hate crime. Neither thing matter. What matters is that he committed this crime and it's an assault. He needs to be held accountable and so should NY and Bloomberg for frightening people away from being a sheepdog. LIVE FREE

    • ashley

      the black guy or the hispanic guy?????? whats "our" counry? becaue it sounds like your pictureing "your" county. ou dont know what happened before the spray so dont judge. Sad the girl got sprayed, but hey he didint do it because he was bored.

      • Guest

        no offense, but that wasn't the only word your keyboard messed up, and I'm not talking about the obvious typos…

        also, there is never a second side to a story when it involves macing/pepper spraying a child.

      • ashley

        did you even watch the video? she wastoo close to the fight , he didint direct it in her face, not saying he was in the right, but media is blowing up the story. and I dont know why it had to go with the racist remarks, thats ugly.

  • Alycat22

    mace or pepper spray a child was hurt. I see ignorance on both sides to the first argument. woooo u want true facts. straight up who gives a damn if it was a knife or a sword point is an innocent child was injured. second why argue he's entitled to his own opinion. though we may not agree that shit doesnt matter. as for putting the second guy down, thats not whats wrong with this country. you may want the "facts" but heres a fact for everybody. and child was hurt and you want the right words who gives a rats ass about the poor child involved and you want to argue with some stranger. I dont want to argue but realize, you both missed the facts. oblivious people.

  • Mikey

    Once again Surveillance Cameras catch another violent criminal, so now he can put in the cage where he belongs.

    Now, if only law enforcement will install HD Surveillance Cameras on every street & highway sign and light, inside parks, inside building lobbies, on the sides of buildings, inside allies, inside subways & buses so criminals can't hide after they commit a crime where ever their cars or feet go the cameras will track them down so they can't hide like the cowards they are.

    • geo

      The cameras are not the problem and would cause many other, more serious problems WHEN they would be misused by "big brother" tracking your every move to try and catch YOU doing an untaxed activity that they could tax and arrest you for.
      The problem here are those chickenshits just standing there, watching the assault like it was a movie.
      Can't call them MORONS though – they are certainly " MORE – OFFS"!!

  • OldSoul

    Forget about "World Peace". Why? Because for it to happen you have to convince EVERYONE that the way we are living and treating one another is no longer working. It's never going to happen. Thus, the only way this society is going to quantum leap with its humanity is if we start killing people like this to set a clear example that humanity is epidemically out of control and we are no longer going to accept this behavior. And that is never going to happen. Hence, hell on earth will still persist and dominate the masses.

    • Dewayne

      Oh killing people! and you complain abiut everyone treating each other bad. Although you are right about one thing hell is on earth.

  • guest

    It seems to me that you folks who can't post an objective, intelligent comment without inserting the "F" word, or the "S" word, "SB" have lost insight are not in touch with today's inherent bullying problem.

    You seem to rather cuss the poster, rather than talk about the issue.

  • kathy

    Don't these stupid idiots (criminals) realize that there are surveillance cameras everywhere now?
    He's probably an illegal immigrant and didn't realize it. Deport him now!!

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