Raunchy ‘Harlem Shake’ video gets high school hockey team banned from playoffs

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The new viral craze, the Harlem Shake, has put a high school hockey team in the penalty box – and out of the playoffs.

The YouTube video produced by the Nyack-Tappan Zee hockey team starts out like every other version of the popular trend.

One player dances solo in a locker room surrounded by others who appear to be unfazed. Then when the beat drops, the rest of the team join in. However, in this version, officials say the suggestive sexual dance moves cross the line.

Players donning just underwear and hockey protective gear can be seen thrusting in a lewd manner, some simulating sex acts.

One player wears just a sock.

The video, which was uploaded to YouTube, has now cost the team a shot in the playoffs, prompting school officials to forfeit the team’s first-round playoff game on Sunday.

Players are now crying foul, saying the punishment does not fit the crime. Watch the video and tell us what you think.


  • joel

    they showed this video several times … WHY? If this were high school girls, would they be showing it all over? SMDH.

  • chris

    its a bunch of high school players. goofing off is a big part of what goes on in a locker room it happens. not all the time but it still happends. i believe if they didn't post it they would or still could of done the same exact thing and not get punished for it at all

  • commonsensewoman

    Bunch of dumb little – think their invincible sh…itheads!! What were they thinking?
    Answer: They have no concept of critical thinking or what the consequences of ANYTHING are!
    Bet they think twice next time!!

  • melija

    i think they are taking things too far , are u serious???? cmon!!! a bunch of boys having fun . im sorry but i dont find anything wrong at all . be grateful they are happy and playing sports instead of smoking crack . please wats wrong with this world? CUT IT OUT !!the only people i find disgusting is the people who have gotta go to great lengths to stop a bunch of happy kids . im sorry but these officials should be ashamed of themselves

  • Pretty much everyone

    This is absolutely ridiculous. Is this appropriate behavior for students in the classroom? Of course not, but thats not where they were. They're kids in the locker room, and it's quite appropriate, if a bit silly. Whatever officials are in charge here should be downright embarrassed. It's a damn shame when the children are the only ones acting their age…

  • The Normal People

    Whether in class or in a school affiliated event or on school property, students need to follow the established code of conduct (which is the reason the team forfeited the game). Same rules apply to ones job. Better they learn a harmless lesson in high-school than a more serious one later in life. For those of you who think this is ok and appropriate behavior, someone will most likely fire your children some day because they won't know how to follow rules, understand acceptable behavior, and will not think about consequences. Which is fine with me, because there will be more jobs for my kids.

  • majikalmaiden

    they're just kids…young boys acting goofy like boys do…geez let them be kids-they have plenty of time to be adults

  • Edmond

    I did some stupid stuff when I was in High School but I was not stupid enough to post anything on line. Besides, if it looks like chicken, walks like chicken, sounds like chicken, it must be porn. They got caught with their pants down. And they deserve for what they got. Bet their parents must be very proud of them. What were they thinking?

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