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Don’t try this at home: Mocker struggles to get up from subway tracks

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Mocker on the Track

After completing an MTA Track Training Class, Mocker walked with workers on the tracks.

The numbers have been widely reported given recent high profile instances of people on the subway tracks.

Statistically, three people a week fall on the tracks. In 2012, once a week someone died (the actual numbers: 55 people were killed and 33 of those were suicides).

The MTA conducts track training courses for utility crews, workers and police. PIX11 News Reporter Greg Mocker and Photographer Ken Pelczar attended the class.  Mocker also tried to get from the tracks on to the platform.



  • truth

    Mocker seems to be a cool guy but instead of having fun on the tracks, he should be challenging the mta with their bad service, especially on the 7 line.

  • Stephen Gonzalez

    Have you not seen some of mockers other stories he bashes mta for their shitty service a lot

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  • Anthony Ketter

    Dear Mr Mocker on Nov. 21 , 2013 I had to give blood at the Veterans hospital on Kingsbridge rd. that morning I was experiencing car troubles so I had to take the two buses n the no. 4 train to get to the Va. My buses brakes down in elsford , Ny . I finally reached the no4 train at Woodlawn ave in the Bronx. I enter the train no nothing u can’t walk threw the train from one door to the next one. Undercover officers were on the train. I was taking off the train and giving a $75 dollar fine cause I didn’t know there was a new law that u can’t walk through the train doors to get to another car. Meanwhile I was detained to make sure I had no warrents. I have the officer my license and try to tell the officer I don’t know the MTA rules because I don’t take the train and I live upstate. No warning and I have to appear in Brooklyn to answer this ticket 8:30 am. I live 1hour and 30 minutes from the city. I think this is very unfair to target riders who don’t know the rules on the train. There’s nothing posted on the subway doors. I believe this is a form of racial profiling because other ppl have witness white ppl walking threw the doors and not stopped but two African Americans did the same thing and was detained per warrent check n ticketed.

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