Chuck E. Cheese killer will likely face execution 20 years after the crime

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(KDVR) WASHINGTON, D.C. — Nathan Dunlap was sentenced to death for killing four people in an Aurora Chuck E. Cheese restaurant in 1993. Almost 20 years later, Colorado’s longest-serving death-row inmate saw his last, best chance to avoid execution thwarted by the U.S. Supreme Court.

That decision came down Tuesday morning, when a list of unsigned orders revealed that Dunlap’s case will not be heard by the country’s highest court.

This means an execution date can now be set for Dunlap. If it is carried out, it will make the 38-year-old the first inmate to be executed in Colorado since 1995.

In the appeal, Dunlap’s attorneys argued their client had been represented in his murder trial by incompetent lawyers who failed to introduce evidence that may have proved Dunlap’s mental instability.

Dunlap was just 19 years old when he walked into the Aurora restaurant where he had been fired and killed four of his former co-workers. The victims were restaurant manager Margaret Kohlberg, 50, Sylvia Crowell, 19, Ben Grant and Colleen O’Connor, both 17.


  • Unknown

    Many of you have said "Let God judge h/im, not man" "Don't kill him, let God pass judgement". MATTHEW 7:1-5 is a passage in the Bible which talks about judging others. Most people only quote Mattheew 7:1 but read the other 4 verses. Mark 12:16-17 talk about what is to be done when having to decide which way to go. Give to the goverment what they ask for and give to God what He deserves. Its not just about money.

    The crime which was committed in 1993 was very bad and for no other reason then that he lost his job. Did that give him the righ to kill 4 others? The courts were established for the passing of man's judgement for breaking man's laws. If a life sentence is passed then the convicted person stays in prison for the rest of their life. If a death sentence is passed it should be carried out as swiftly as possible. Our laws about the death penalty allows for 1 automatic appeal. So if the courts pass a sentence of death the
    n after the automatic appeal, no more time should be given to keep the appeals going.

  • ray

    I think Mare should have have her throat slit the same time we burn the Aurora killer live at the stake and feed them both to wild hyenas.

  • anti-media

    People still using "God" to justify what he did as "ok" – You're right, the bible speaks of people not judging and by you telling me not to judge and me being so barbaric- what's that called? Oh wait- i guess that's not judging me, it's…it's….preaching. When you see god, ask IT what IT really thinks, until then read your bible and believe it to the fullest. All the rotten b.s. that was obviously added by man. GJ on failing as a person with morals and a human being in general. Honestly- he should of been shot instead of arrested, I bet if there was facebook/myspace back then and he mentioned hurting cops they would torched chuckey cheese with him inside it still. -1 for the united states justice system. Dorhner didn't even get 20 days, this guy gets 20 years…

  • Mare

    Yall are all fuckin dumb sons of bitches assholes and I hope yall rot in hell to. Cause your evil and dont care about human life. Your just as bad as the killer.

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