Mom arrested after 10-year-old son found in street drunk and naked

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A Florida mother was arrested after her 10-year-old son was found wandering around a neighborhood naked and drunk.

31-year-old Nedra Byrd was arrested Thursday night after a couple walking their dog found the boy and called police.

When officers went to the child’s home, they found Byrd drunk and passed out on the couch.

When she came to, she didn’t even realize he was missing.

Neighbors are shocked and shaken-up.

“How could she not know her son is wandering around the streets, naked… and drunk!” one neighbor said.

Detectives say the boy told them that his mother gave him four shots of brandy.

He’s now in the custody of family services.



  • Briana

    they need to put her in jail then make her get fixed so she cant have anymore kids! what kind of mother does something like that? sorry but thats not a mother at all thats an egg donor!

    • User

      There was a frost advisory last night in parts of central Florida. Who knows if it was warm enough that night. Regardless shame on her for all of it. And why was he naked?

  • Elizabeth

    I am a mother of 4 kids 5,4,3,1 . I have a son that has a lot of needs and one night he did get of our home . When i got up to see what was going on bc he gets up every night and when he did not get up i did . I go up and seen he was not home and this was in oct in indaian . I called evey one i new to come out and find him and when i did he was 30 feet from our home but i did not like that feeling at all . i could not go back to that sleep . I had to get things for all the doors and i still have a hard time sleeping . But for her not to no her 10 year old was not home and he has no needs there has to be something going on that we dont no about . a 10 year old dose not going out at night with not a thing on . I hope he gets the help he is going to need . And i hope she gose to jail and gets the help she needs .

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