Hunts Point residents fight for better living conditions

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On Monday, more than a dozen residents of 1058 Sourthern Boulevard held a protest right in their lobby. They want their landlord out, and now.

“This is too much for me, ” said resident Abigail Acevedo, “I lived here like 40 years already, I paid my rent.”

Abigail Acevedo is one of more than a dozen residents who say they can’t take the conditions for one more day.

Acevedo and her neighbors are dealing with what they call deplorable conditions inside of their apartments. It’s been cold inside for days and that’s not all. They claim they had no heat during last week’s blizzard as well and there are other problems for residents here.

Inside Abigail Acevedo’s apartment, you can see all the mildew on the walls, and you can’t avoid the bad smell inside.

Paula Beltran has the same problem.
“Mildew in every corner, in my rooms, I had to throw all daughter’s clothes away,” said resident Paula Beltran.

Beltran is disgusted by the mildew problem that she said is ruing her life.

“These conditions are unlivable and we are afraid for our health,” complained resident Lisa Ortega.

Wanting answers, residents along with their supporters drove to their landlord’s Mill Basin, Brooklyn home Monday afternoon.
They banged on the door. Miriam Shasho was not home, but the tenants vowed they’ll continue to fight until their home is cleaned up and also warmed up.

There are 55 units in this building.

Shasho did not return our calls for comment on the tenant’s complaints.

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