Long Islanders lend a hand to neighbors still suffering from Sandy

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FREEPORT, LONG ISLAND (PIX11)– Today in Freeport, volunteers pitched in to help their neighbors recover from Hurricane Sandy.

“Friends of Freeport” started work on a flooded-out house on Saturday.

The group started with about ten concerned citizens and has grown to about 1,200 people.

They work on one house per weekend.

To date, they have fixed up three houses. The work is being done regardless of the homeowner’s ability to pay.

Everyone involved in this effort, the volunteers, the people they’re helping, all have ties to the Freeport community.

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  • Papayashell

    I was a Freeporter for 25 years, and neighor to Donna and Rich Cantwell. I think that it is amazing what they have accomplished so far, and have to say, a little jealous that my current neighborhood doe not have this. By "this" I mean someone(s) dedicated and organized enough to stick with the purpose of helping community residents regain their homes and lives. On my block in Seaford, it seems like all of the effected homes are sitting empty now. It is like we have been in a war, and no one knows where to start picking up the pieces. I work in Freeport, and see every day the rebirth of this beautiful waterfront community. It may take a while, but Freeporters will remain Freeporters and not flee. Thanks to the support tha people like the Cantwells have offered them!

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