FAA hopes to integrate domestic drones by 2015

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The Federal Aviation Association is seeking proposals from cities, states and universities to create six test sites for unmanned aircraft systems, or more commonly known as drones.

Those proposals will help officials develop safety standards allowing the government to fully integrate drones into the national airspace by 2015.

The FAA is asking for public input on its proposed privacy requirements, and a bi-partisan bill that would require law enforcement to get search warrants being using drones to investigate crimes will be introduced this week.


  • Sam Kephart

    Emmy-winning journalist, Shad Olson, explores the controversy over U.S. drone policy, both at home and abroad.

    While technological sky supremacy gives America strategic superiority on the battlefield, the prospect of drone proliferation over U.S. cities is causing concern about loss of privacy, an end to Habeas Corpus and judicial due process and the destruction of Constitutional rights.

    South Dakota U.S. Senator John Thune and former U.S. Senate candidate, Sam Kephart share their views about the consequences of domestic drone deployment in the fight against terrorism.

    Originally aired on KNBN-TV, (NBC) NewsCenter1, Rapid City, South Dakota in February 2013.

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