Heart healthy cooking for women with Top Chef All-Star Antonia Lofaso

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Top Chef All-Star Antonia Lofaso, who is on a mission to inspire and empower women to care for their hearts and share their stories. Best known for her appearances on BRAVO’s ‘Top Chef All-Stars” and “Top Chef’ Season 4, Lofaso, has built her reputation on creating rich, mouthwatering flavors using simple ingredients and is taking these principles and applying them to “heart smart” cooking.

Now she’s working with Campbell Soup Company’s Address Your Heart campaign to help educate the more than 42 million American women (staggering number which most woman are not aware of!) suffering from some form of heart disease. With risk factors rising, it’s never been more important for women to take care of their hearts.

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  • Mallory

    I love when eating healthy is actively encouraged. It can be really tough for some people to adapt such a lifestyle (i.e. me, lol), but it's totally worth it. I didn't really hit my stride until I learned of the Paleo diet from In The Kitchen (http://truewebservices.com/InTheKitchen/paleo-cookbooks) but everyone has things that work better for them than others, it's all about taking action!

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