Condo residents still recovering from storm Sandy need some answers

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Hurricane Sandy is still causing a lot of the Rockaways.

Residents of one condo development are worried about security, safety and the investments in their homes.

They say they’re not getting answers from their management company. So they asked Howard Thompson to try.


  • Kristen

    We live in these condos . Our home was completely flooded by a person living on the 8th floor. There still has not been any work done on our home We were told that our issue is not a FEMA claim however still no work has been done. We are paying our maintence too and not receiving any services from the building because we cannot live in our home. Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

  • Danielle

    Our building is mess!! Right after the hurricane when I saw the progress on the building with the sheetrock being cut and removed and electricity restored I thought to myself maybe this clean up will go smoothly…Boy was I WRONG!!! Nothing and I mean nothing has been done ever since…I’m pregnant and have 2 children and schlep up 4 flights…it’s truly insane! The super and general maintenance workers have done their job and security has been wonderful but apparently our management company does not know how to do their job!!!! It’s embarrassing! They need to be fired and we all need to get together to do it…

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