Neighborhood meeting over plan to bury Gowanus toxic waste under a NYC playground

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The Gowanus Canal has a reputation as being one of the most toxic sites in the country. The Environmental Protection Agency is seeking public comment through April 27th for a $500 million dollar clean up project.

A series of neighborhood meetings have been held. In Red Hook, neighbors questioned the benefit of clearing the sludge and building a temporary processing plant near their homes. Plans to clean  the substances and then burry them in concrete containers underground near parks are also generating controversy in other parts of Brooklyn.

The EPA says the comments will help shape what is decided.

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Or send comments to
Christos Tsiamis
Project Manager
Central New York Remediation Section
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
290 Broadway, 20th Floor
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OR, contact Natalie Loney, Community Involvement Coordinator, at 212-637-3639,