School kicks out 6-year-old after she gets cut in classroom

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A Staten Island first grader was tossed out of her private school after she suffered a gash to her head in the classroom—and mom pointed out her safety concerns.

It all happened at St. John Villa Academy last week.  What’s worse, with no school nurse on hand the front office personnel cleaned up the bleeding cut with a Clorox wipe.

Girl Gashed

Little Ksenya told PIX11 about the scary morning in class. “I was crying. I could not stop because it was so painful.”

Little Ksenya told us about the scary morning in class.  “I was crying.  I could not stop because it was so painful.”  The little girl described how she was walking to the trash can in her classroom, and when she bent down to toss away her papers, her head bumped into a sharp corner on a shelf and started bleeding.

mom Gash

Her mom Anastasia Strelyayeva demanded an accident report. The school complied and then trumped her with a dismissal letter days later, saying attendance is by “invitation” only, and that her little girl’s had been revoked.

Her mom Anastasia Strelyayeva demanded an accident report.  The school complied and then trumped her with a dismissal letter days later, saying attendance is by “invitation” only, and that her little girl’s had been revoked.  “They throw a six year old child in the street because she bump her head.   They broke my heart and they broke my daughter’s heart.”

We brought the allegations to the school.  And while the nuns initially told us they wouldn’t speak on camera about any specifics, they shared a blanket statement they had prepared.

“I deny the accusations that St. John Villa Academy is unsafe,” said the school’s president, Sister Anita Gramer.

Ksenya’s parents have now moved her to another Catholic elementary school on Staten Island, but are now forced to dole out 30% more– an extra 2,000 dollars–in tuition.  While St. John’s refunded half a year’s tuition, they have not returned the registration fees or her uniform costs, which are substantial.




    • anastasia

      Hi! The story is missing, that I told them that if two more accidents happens I will go to the safe department of education, because I believe that wasn't not an accident that was negligible and when I pointed out to the principle, then I guess their decide to kick my daughter out. That is mean the school is not safe enough, if they worry about Safe department

      • Jim

        If the school is so unsafe that you feel the need to report them, then why would you want your child there in the first place? They did you a favor. Besides, if safety was really the concern, then the proper authorities should have been called right away, not used a threat or ultimatum. They dismissed her from the school because based on your own words, you sound like one of those people that freaks out every time their kid gets a scratch on them and they didn't want to deal with it. Plus you might be sue happy.

      • Phxfire

        She was saying IF it happens a couple more times the school is unsafe and if the school is worried about her reporting their actions they must be afraid their own school IS unsafe.

      • Lesley

        I have two kids, bottom line – they get hurt. The only thing that sounds "unsafe" to me in this story is the Clorox Wipe. Really??? Corners are sharp and if struck in a certain way, can and do cause injury – it happens. Live and learn. The Nuns should really learn how to clean a wound however. Anastasia – I'm sure your daughter has been injured at home and other places before. You basically threatened the school with something that hadn't happend. Sorry, but it sounds like they decided your threats were't worth the tuition received.

      • anastasia

        No in the house thank to God my daughter never cut herself, because I spend around 100 dollars and cover all corners in my house my mom in her house change all furniture when my daughter was born. Is call safe environment

      • silady

        Not only are you lying but you dont even know how to spell.And why two more accidents?Why wouldnt you take her out after one more accident if you werent lying?You are a disgrace!Your poor girl i feel bad for her…..

      • ZombieGirl

        @ silady: Not only are you incredibly rude, but a hypocrite as well. You really should take a look at your own grammar problems rather than accuse someone whose native language obviously isn't English of not knowing how to spell.

  • SweetTooth

    A CLOROX wipe? Aren't nuns supposed to be good at nursing the wounded?
    I agree, this isn't the full picture.

  • Terry

    Yeah something does not sound right, something tells me there's a heck lot more to the story, but foresay if there isnt is this a place you want send your child…but one question No school nurse uh..

    • anastasia

      We find out that only on Monday, during a conversation with Principle, who wipe my daughter face and hands and she admitted that she use Clorox wipes

      • David

        You need to understand that many people will criticize you. Best approach is to ignore them. I'd even stay away from sites like this. For your information: Head wounds bleed a lot and can be painful. Every school should have a nurse or someone who has some first aid training, and first aid supplies should be required. However; Parochial schools often do things thier own way. My kids were sent to public schools. More children who graduate from Public School go on to college than those from private schools. As to private being better than public, I don't think so. Everything in private school costs you, music lessons, clothing, the many times your children will have to go out and sell (donuts? cookies? whatever). But to each their own. The children who go to public school may seem frightening but these are the same people who your child will grow up with, and eventually meet. Nobody lives in a cave. Take care. You want to be a good mother and I am proud of you for that. Just chill.

    • Mommyto1

      My daughter attends a catholic school in another state and they too have no nurses. Luckily I trust her teacher because my child frequently needs medicine during the school day, and her teacher has to dispense it.
      Sadly private schools can get away with a lot because they are not closely governed by the state like public schools.

  • Julie

    Here's a thought. . .go to public school and quit whining about tuition costs. Let the church teach things about church.

    • Mike

      Public schools, in general, suck worse. Private schools are the way to a better education.

      That said, this story is definitely incomplete.

  • elspeth

    The child was injured while in the custody of the school. The school is liable. What do they do, they compound this physical injury with an emotional one. School will lose the litigation.

      • coriolana

        It is their responsibility to keep children in their care safe and to provide proper medical attention to any and all injuries. They are wrong and liable in the eyes of the law. Maybe a lawsuit will bring these "educators" into the 21st century. Doubtful, but one can hope.

      • Bill

        Yes, accidents will happen and this is not major. But, to throw a 6 year old out of the school rather than dealing with this situation is what's crazy. Not sure why you fail to see that.

  • JayHobeSound

    "I deny…" — Of course you do, sister. Riiight.

    Wonder if the catholic corporation will transfer the offending furniture to another school?

  • Brian

    What's this world coming to when our president, vice president, secretary of state and now the Nuns are total liars?

  • Erin

    It sounds like this school is hiding something. Secondly, a Clorox wipe, really. What school doesn't have a school nurse or at least have a first aid kit.

  • Kristi

    Any child that gets hurt at school no matter if at a public school or a private school should always be follow up with an incident report the day the child got hurt. The mother did nothing wrong by asking for one. If the school failed to do this that day….They were in the wrong and the mother had ever right to demand it. It is her child's safety she has to worry about. And in this day were safety at school is questionably no matter where anyone is….Again she had every right.

    • queenbee9

      Based on the schools reaction, I have the feeling that "mom" may not have been very nice or considerate when asking for her report and may have actually said things to alienate them–that being the case, someone needs to explain to mom (is she a new immigrant?) that in America 4 types of people it is very bad to get nasty with or threaten:

      1. The people who care for your kids
      3 People who care for your health
      4 people who prepare or bring you your food.

      great words to live by…

  • Guest

    Kids get hurt as school. You threatened them. When you skyline yourself, what do you expect but to get knocked down.

  • Ellen

    Why does this child's mother want her daughter to spend even one more second in a place that she considers unsafe. Her complaint may result in this one area being fixed,but what about other areas? Did the mother plan on having an inspection done through out the entire school. I think this mom is complaining to the public because she has dollar signs in her eyes. The school that accepted the chid is very brave . I'm sure the mother will soon have new complaints. Why, she likes having her 15 minutes of fame and money she will receive after her legal actions

    • anastasia

      My daughter like this school, because of her friends and teacher, mostly her friends, she was there for two years and even from experience from last year I don't want to bring her to this school, but she really want to go back because of her friends, and now is very emotionally painful for her. She talk with some of her friends on the phone but she misses them very much.

    • CL Jahn

      The parent has been entirely reasonably, and the school has behaved poorly. Any time there is an accident involving a student, an incident report should be generated, and a copy provided to the parents. They should not even need to ask. Asking for this basic courtesy afforded every other student at every other school can not be equated with "declaring the school unsafe."
      It's obvious to me that this school is not inherently unsafe, it's merely stuck with incompetent management.

    • Alina

      You my friend are not very bright. I have known this mother and her daughter for years now. She does everything she can for her daughter. She has dollar signs in her eyes?! Her daughter got hurt in school and then thrown out for getting hurt. Send your children to this school and lets see what happens. I want to see how you will react when your child gets hurt and then gets kicked out of this piece of crap of a school.

  • michelle

    Im sorry but I may be wrong… If that little scratch above her eye is what your talking about, please that's not something to call the Safety department on. Kids are kids they get bumps, bruises and sometimes a few cuts. My son got bit just last week at daycare and had far worse of a mark than that and I didn't go all crazy talking about how I just might sue them because they are not safe. And guess what, this week he went back to the SAME daycare that he got bit at.

    • Colorado Mom

      And…..your daycare didn't KICK OUT YOUR CHILD, either. Huge difference between your experience and that of the family in the article.

    • Robin

      you are so wrong about this mother. she was welling to send her child back to the school. It was the school who turned her away. If it was my child you bet I would be raisen hell. You don't have a first aide kit. I have one in my home, my car for safe reason. So your son got bit by another kid. No blood was shed.

    • Johnny

      Michelle, you got the right idea about this whole thing. Rub some dirt on it. Here is what I will bet: Mom is a consistent complainer, and they school finally got enough. Let kids be kids. To you: Tell you kid to to bite 'em back, and it won't happen anymore. Children need to learn to defend themselves.

  • Mom1

    It is so unfortunate that this mother has lied the way she has. Really People? You actually BELIEVE that a nun or a teacher or anybody with the least bit of common sense would use a clorox wipe on anyone's face, especially a child? Please…use your brain people. As far a not having a nurse…it's the governments fault, not Villa's. The principal did everything in her power to try to get one. Villa is a family, and has shown nothing but love to this child and all the children. The mother obviously has issues. The mother is overbearing, belligerent and extremely rude. Disrespectful to the Nuns. She tells friends they use water and a paper towel and then tells the world they used CLOROX….PLEASE.

    What happened to the so called concussion….and then could not supply anything but a dr.s note saying she was fine to attend school.
    I can't talk no more. I am so upset with people….
    Oh yeah there are tons of schools all over the island. No one has forced her to pick Notre Dame 30% more tuition. Don't feel bad. ….what does she think …. does she get bubble wrap with that 30% increase??? lol

    • queenbee9

      They might have used a Clorox wipe and what exactly do people think is wrong with that? Clorox is both an antiseptic and a disinfectant and it can be used to help purify water or decontaminate veggies and other things in a pinch. There is nothing wrong with using that if nothing else was around–it beats a dirty hand or used hanky.

    • John

      I loved your reply Mom1!!! You can tell just by the article that the childs mother has issues of her own and is obviously looking for her 15 minutes of fame. It is so sad to know that little girl is being raised by a mother like that. No one in their right mind would use Clorox wipes to clean a childs cut. She obvioulsy is telling different stories to different people to try and make them feel sorry for her! And you are correct…………………she picked the new school with the higher tuition. That is her own problem!!!!!

      • anastasia

        Thank you for your commons, but we have a letter from principle that she is used CLOROX wipes to clean my daughter face and hands

      • Mom1

        School nurses are hired and sent through the state , gov't whatever, for both private and public schools. Because my daughters school has under 200 kids, our school is not eligible for a school nurse. Of course we all wish we had a nurse….however my daughter has been sent to the office a number of times. They treat her with care and call me always.

      • guest

        That's a crock – my sister is a principal at a private school & THEY are the ones who hired the nurse, not the gov. The nuns are taking money & giving promises that aren't kept. Now I think the GOV. should step in to make sure these kids are being taken care of and not abused!

      • Alina

        Mom1 if you think this is normal then you should be treated with the likes of Snooki of the Jersey Shore. I wonder did someone drop you on your head before you wrote that comment? Let's see your child get hurt and then wiped down with a clorox wipe and then kicked out of the school. That will be the day when I laugh and that will be the case in which I will say you deserve absolutely nothing. They are nuns! The foundations of your so called christianity is love and peace for all! Where was the love and peace when they kicked this little girl out of the school because she got hurt?! In what world do we live in today where it is at all okay to treat a child in such a way when the child did nothing wrong? Am I mistaken or did the school not kick out this little girl for this?! This school is a hoax and it should be closed down. If this is the treatment then I hate to imagine what these little kids are being taught there on a daily basis. This did not send the right example to other children, or if you want the "Christian example."



    • queenbee9

      You must be married to VILLA MOM! or else one person is typing both posts. You both "yell" in caps. Don't know where this school is or what a Villa anything is–but if that woman is looney, she is not the only one. Caps emphasize a word or idea–this reminds me of the SNL Loud family skits. LOL

      • VMOM

        Omg how funny! didnt even realize we were on caps lock – anyway – we are all feeling terrible for the child, she is an adorable little girl who is well liked at school! however, anyone who is not involved with Villa does not really know all of what went on. If they were asked to leave, believe me there was very good reason. Any trama that the child is suffering is horrible & sad but not the fault of the school.

    • CL Jahn

      Nobody is saying that kids shouldn't get injured. Of course they get hurt. This is why schools have nurses on duty – at least, every school I went to, did. Asking for an incident report is entirely reasonable. If something happens later, such as an infection setting in, or some other complication, you now have information to provide the doctor so that he'll have an accurate record of how the injury was treated.

      As a former EMT, I'll tell you that the use of Clorox to cleanse wounds falls far short of any sort of proper medical treatment. It's not intended for any sort of internal use, or use on an open wound. In fact, I'm pretty sure it even states that on the label of those wipes.

  • Girlie

    If anyone has seen "MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING" with her luck Notre Dame will use WINDEX….

    This story is ridiculous….she got a nick on her head….kids get hurt all the time….

    SHAME on Channel 11 for even feeding into this the way they did……… Channel 2 wouldn't give this story the time of day

  • cherylee77

    At this point I would be more concerned with the fact that they are not following protocol for a blood spill. They should of used a spill kit, as well as used a proper dressing for the wound. Did the nun wear gloves at least??? The child will get many bumps, contusions, scrapes, and bloody noses, but they really should follow the protocol on such things with so many children in there environment.

    • LOL

      Kids get hurt! You don't need a blood spill kit for a scratch…and LOL I used a Clorox wipe for a cut I had this morning…they are ok to use, didn't even sting!

  • VMOM


    • queenbee9

      Nice to know so many Villa parents defend their school, still, it seems sort of tacky if the child got hurt then all of a sudden she is kicked out of school due to a cut–a bit extreme don't you think? All of you are talking about how the mom could just go find another school and she did not have to pick a more expensive one–you all sound like aholes because not one of you is even considering the feelings of the child or the continuity of her friendships with the other kids–it is traumatic for a child to have to start school in the middle of the year and not know anyone–it must be doubly traumatic when you know you are having to start over from just getting hurt–how ignorant and self centered you ALL sound.

      • Mom1

        The child is adorable and wonderful. We totally feel sorry for her. It is terrible that she has to go through this. Her mother over reacting the way she did only hurt her daughter. I hope the mom realizes that she should think before she acts. Because her ways, just hurt that little girl more than nick on the head.

      • anastasia

        Thank you, is what exactly we are feel, specially Ksenya, that is why until the end I try to working up with a principle and director. And for a last conversation with them, only one thing I was waiting for their apology, but instead they are kick my daughter out from school. I believe nuns suppose to be emotional, but I guess in that school is exception, no emotional no understanding

      • David

        One more thing Anastasia, nuns never apologize to my own experience. Too many people here are conditioned to believe that Private schools are better. I went to Private. I know that all are the same. In fact children have less rights in Private than they do in Public Schools. Send your children to Public Schools, take the time to be involved to make them better, safer and save the money so you can afford to send your child to College. That's it for this posting. Hope you learn to relax. One thing you should know is that if you pick on a priest or a nun there are people who will look to crucify you!

  • mike

    It sounds like this mother is cuckoo for CoCo Puffs! This story does not add up. Sounds like a total fabrication.

  • Proud Villa Parent

    I have 3 children in St. John Villa Academy and do not believe this story for a minute. CLOROX WIPES,,,is she kidding me ??? The teachers and staff of Villa are extremely capable and loving people who are dedicated to caring for our kids everyday. This woman has been complaining about everything under the sun since her daughter came to the school last year and the school finally had enough,,,I dont blame them at all for asking her to leave…I stand by St. John Villa. We are like a family and it gets me mad when one disgruntled parent is trying to defame a great learning and nurturing environment .

    • anastasia

      If you from there ask Sister Lucita, how she clean usually. And for your future reference that is how they always clean, she said that to us. So I wish you a best luck and I hope never been in my place

      • Proud Villa Parent

        I don't need to ask Sr. Lucita because I know they DO NOT use CLOROX wipes to clean childrens cuts. Maybe you are confusing how they clean the desks, furniture etc…They may have however used a BABY wipe, Big difference between the two. I will never be in your place because I dont complain about everything that goes on in the shool like you have. Good luck to you…you will need it…but I do wish your daughter peace and happiness in her new school. If you are really looking to do the right thing for her, you should learn from this, put it behind you and move forward for her sake…she is the one that will suffer from all of this nonsense.

      • Anastasia

        You right she is only one who is suffer, when school kick her out, she is very depressed and she is missing her friends. But we didn't lie about Clorox. Clorox kill germs that what sr. Lucita told us

      • Alina

        Another case of a completely oblivious and ignorant parent (aka Proud Villa Parent). Honestly I want your child to be treated in such a way and then for me to call you money grubbing. You people are clearly not that smart. Let me guess stay at home mom where everything gets brought to you on a silver platter. Unlike you this mom takes care of her child works and goes to school where she is studying in the sciences. Unlike you she has more intelligence and clearly more care for her daughter. Try arguing with me you good for nothing parent, I guarantee you I am ten times smarter than you are. Continue to be oblivious and stick your nose in issues you have no idea about. This will come and bite you in your ass when your child gets hurt and mistreated by this school. Christian peace my ass.

  • Jennifer

    every time my son goes to school and runs into the poles there, the school immediately calls me, they explain what happened and they ask me to come right away and bring him home as he has a bump and they believe I should check it out in case it's serious, they keep him with the nurse laying down until I get there and then the staff explain it all to me, they noticed his normal skull formation that has a small natural bump and was worried about that too thinking it might have been caused by the running into the pole. Why is this school still left open? Schools have obligations moral and legal to inform and give proper first aid tot he children that is in attendance. Shameful. Those who are coming down on the mother obviously have no children and obviously on the way to loosing their soul.

      • Alina

        Instead of laughing at this comment think about the statement "what comes around goes around." I never went to private or catholic school and think the whole system is stupid, but since it exists it at least should be handled properly. I am in honors college with a free ride for all of college and on a track to either medical school or dental school so I am in no way stupid in case your lovely comments want to touch upon my knowledge. This mother is twice the woman you will ever be because she took action to defend her child something you clearly are not doing by still allowing your child to attend this school. Nuns my ass people maybe more like spawns of satan treating a child like that.


    Villa is a wonderful school filled with loving and caring nuns,teachers, and staff. It is obvious that this mother is not dealing with a full deck. To react in such a way just because her daughter bumped her head on a shelf, is absurd. GOOD RIDDANCE TO HER! Villa does not need parents like that in the school. I actually feel sorry for her daughter. Good Luck to the new school! Now they have to deal with this crazy parent!

  • John

    The woman is nuts Villa is a loving and caring school and we know what kind of person that she really is She is a total liar and it bothers me that this station has given her any time of day without any truth to the story Shame on you channel 11 If you only knew the disgruntled person who she really is Well all I can say to her is you may have had 15 minutes of fame but what goes around comes around Such a grumpy person I feel bad for you and how your making your daughter grow up to be a liar and a swindler Shame on you

  • NYChick

    Just another case of seeing dollar signs! What else is new?
    If you watch the video you can see the daughter actually look up at the mother for approval when she's telling her story about the Clorox wipes because it's made up!!
    Private schools are by invitation only and if a parent is going to try to make a case against them, then they did nothing wrong asking the child to leave.

  • carolyn

    Why are they asking the child to leave? It can't be because of a bump on the head. She may be a Momzilla and other incidences could have happened. Maybe her sweet little girl isn't so sweet after all.

      • Mom3

        Are you kidding me…. Maybe because you overreacted, threatened the school, and became extremely disrespectful to the Sisters and staff. And supposedly it wasn't the first time.
        An incident report is nothing….What the hell are you going to do with it anyway?? Really? lol ..thats not a problem…my daughter had a worse accident and the report was the last thing on my mind. Your daughter bumped her head. Didn't they call you immediately….if it was something major other actions would have been taken.

        Supposedly you were carrying on saying "her face, her face, her face" stop making her feel bad about a teeny teeny teeny tiny scar on her face…she is beautiful and will still be your princess, even with a a little cut on her forehead (if it's still even there). This is not the end of the world. What are you gonna do when she breaks a leg, or falls off a bike, trips and falls while running after her friends, i mean the list is endless.
        I'm sorry but You need to calm down.

      • Villa parent

        Thank you. She did exactly what you said. She is a irrational woman who the school probably wanted nothing to do with

  • LTfree

    Most of the commentors on this article jump to the irrational conclusion that just because she reported a safety concern to the school officials, she intended to sue. I realize that we are a sue happy nation and are all jaded at this point, but nowhere in this article does she give any indication that was her intent. Now, she is being vilified for a money grabbing parent, when by all appearances, she just wanted that particular safety issue resolved.
    As for the above comment that says that the child looked up to her mother for approval as she was telling her story, another irrational leap to a conclusion. The mother was not even in the frame. It appears to me she was looking at the reporter. Wow, people. It's amazing how quick you are to judge and that you will even use "evidence" that doesn't even exist to support your judgements. This is surely an indication of the dumbing down of Americans. You don't even have reasonable, logical, thought processes in order to come to a conclusion.

    • The Big Man

      Amy Gomez…
      Are you KIDDING….Wake Up…It was a nick it was nothing more…Or are you one of them Bleeding Hearted Liberals Who always looking for a quick easy buck from nothing..

  • Guest

    When a parent enrolls a child in ANY private school it is stated openly before school starts that all registration fees are always non refundable. This school was very generous in refunding half their yearly tuition. A catholic school has only 3 semesters a year, & the second one ends this week. These parents even wants money for her well worn uniforms that have been used 5 days a week, for over 5 months! Ewww.
    The reason the family was asked to leave is the parent violated HER agreement with the school. Open gossip about the school's safety AFTER the issue was addressed is against the code of parental behavior they signed to enroll & should have read.
    The child had a minor ding that looks fine now. It is obvious the school provided a picture with the fresh wound, so it WAS treated properly. Public schools are required to clean up any remaining blood on hands & face afterwards with sanitation wipes too. For the safety of other students who could be exposed to it.
    This school is well rid of them. Unless their attitude improves they might not last long at the new school either.

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