School kicks out 6-year-old after she gets cut in classroom

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A Staten Island first grader was tossed out of her private school after she suffered a gash to her head in the classroom—and mom pointed out her safety concerns.

It all happened at St. John Villa Academy last week.  What’s worse, with no school nurse on hand the front office personnel cleaned up the bleeding cut with a Clorox wipe.

Girl Gashed

Little Ksenya told PIX11 about the scary morning in class. “I was crying. I could not stop because it was so painful.”

Little Ksenya told us about the scary morning in class.  “I was crying.  I could not stop because it was so painful.”  The little girl described how she was walking to the trash can in her classroom, and when she bent down to toss away her papers, her head bumped into a sharp corner on a shelf and started bleeding.

mom Gash

Her mom Anastasia Strelyayeva demanded an accident report. The school complied and then trumped her with a dismissal letter days later, saying attendance is by “invitation” only, and that her little girl’s had been revoked.

Her mom Anastasia Strelyayeva demanded an accident report.  The school complied and then trumped her with a dismissal letter days later, saying attendance is by “invitation” only, and that her little girl’s had been revoked.  “They throw a six year old child in the street because she bump her head.   They broke my heart and they broke my daughter’s heart.”

We brought the allegations to the school.  And while the nuns initially told us they wouldn’t speak on camera about any specifics, they shared a blanket statement they had prepared.

“I deny the accusations that St. John Villa Academy is unsafe,” said the school’s president, Sister Anita Gramer.

Ksenya’s parents have now moved her to another Catholic elementary school on Staten Island, but are now forced to dole out 30% more– an extra 2,000 dollars–in tuition.  While St. John’s refunded half a year’s tuition, they have not returned the registration fees or her uniform costs, which are substantial.




  • Sally

    It seems to me that we are not getting the entire story here. Where is the investigative reporting on it? I have a feeling that this is not all that happened.

  • Patricia

    Sue sue sue, the American way. When the truth comes out, the school will be victorious. I know a lot of people like that. It's all about the money, not the child. Makes me sick.

  • St. John Villa parent

    My 3 children attend St. John Villa Academy. They are in safe hands with the faculty and staff as well as in a safe environment. This incident was a minor accident. Nothing more nothing less. The little girl threw away paper in the garbage and bumped her head when she bent down. (The waste basket is next to the bookshelf.) No different than in most of our own homes where a waste basket is next to a table, cabinet, book shelf etc…This is blown out of proportion. The mother is a complainer and full of drama. There is no negligence on the part of the school. Our children are safe and when such accidents occur, as many have already noted, our children are properly taken care of and parents are notified immediately. If you believe anything else you are greatly mistaken. It’s definitely unfortunate for the child. Incident report?…she was already told what happened. Very simple, her daughter bumped her head. No stitches required, little cut. Handled properly, cleaned and bandaged. Don’t believe everything you see on this circus act of a news story. Again this mother is a chronic complainer and exaggerator. I don’t blame the school. If the mother has no faith in the school’s capabilities, then she should go to another school where she feels her daughter will be safer…I believe that’s all the school did, made the decision for her since the mother will never be convinced her daughter is safe or in capable hands at Villa. Good luck to the other school who will have to deal with this difficult mother in the future. Good luck to the adorable little girl, and hopefully she doesn’t get her mother’s disposition as she grows older. The whole thing is unfortunate since the little girl is paying for her mother’s chronic actions that make dealing with this difficult person unbearable. It’s not the child, it’s not the school, it’s not even the incident…it’s this mother who blows things way out of proportion…and her daughter is now suffering from those consequences. The mother should think before she acts and speaks in the future and learn a lesson from this. Running to the newspaper and news did not win her any sympathy or favor. She was not successfull in her attempts to ruin St. John Villa’s reputation. As you can see the reverse occurred, where the parents unite and stand by our school and faculty. If this goes to court, trust me more of the same will happen and the truth will be revealed that this mother has no credibility. Goodbye good riddance to the mother, to the daughter we wish her well and will miss her.

  • Guest

    There are almost no teaching nuns left in this country. Catholic school teachers are "laity" ie not nuns/monks/priests, and some aren't even Catholic. Also most Catholic schools do NOT have a school nurse, and in my area, public schools have to share a "school nurse" with multiple other public schools; she's not at any one school full-time. Kids get a bandaide from a teacher or secretary. BUDGET CUTS are everywhere, people. Catch up.

  • James

    I see the Nuns haven't changed a whole lot since I went to Catholic Schools. Never wrong, always right. I imagine they are still whapping the kids on the backs of their hands with a ruler too. I hope the mother sues the hell out of them and collects a ton of money–

  • NYSee

    Is this lady even a legal immigrant? NYC has way too many of the russian variety of illegal immigrants who have been gaming the system for boatloads of money. Mexican illegal immigrants have been a godsend for the russian illegal immigrants as the attention has been steered away from them.

  • James

    The mother should be able to sue the school for poor medical attention and for kicking out a child. Every school for young children should have a medic center and that private school failed to have one

  • Lisa

    I see posts from a few parents of children that attend this school. It seems that you know a lot about this situation and possibly a previous situation that involved this mother. If this is the case, either you are basing your knowledge on gossip or the school has breached confidentitality by speaking of incidents that have occured. You are obviously not friends with her. So, why should anyone outside of your school community believe what you say about this mother? In public schools, it is required that an incident report is given EACH time a student goes to the clinic, is injured or gets sick. I would expect nothing less if my child attended a private school to which I paid high tuition fees. There is nothing in the story about this mother sueing the school. It seems that she is simply upset about her child being injured, not being treated properly and then being kicked out of a school half way through the year after tuition is already paid. If you feel that bashing this mother is making you a better person because you are defending the school, you need to remember that you are bashing another person. Are you really a Christian? Because there are a lot of things in this story and posts that make be believe that many that have children in this school are not forgiving and loving as Christians should be. Good luck to this mother and child.

    • The Big Man

      Patricia….It's the Russian / American way now….They can't do it over there so now they see the easy pickings here in America the home of the FREE….Yup come and get it it's all free for the taking…I have had LARGER Pimples on my BUT than the CUT this kid had…I'm from this school and we will not miss her or her ATTITUDE ONE BIT..Feel bad for the kid the mom is a nut. The school is a great school the Nuns ,Teachers and the Staff are all GREAT PEOPLE and I would not change one thing. !

    • The Big Man

      Lisa get of your HIGH HORSE and SMELL the COFFEE.. The kid got a little cut nothing to write home about nothing to call The NEWS…The POST about…I have kids in the school nothing was hid from her its a great place great teachers great nuns and a great lurning environment You Know What I'ts NOW BETTER SHE IS GONE….She is a NUT a WACK JOB and we dont have to put up with her any more….We are a nice family there and like every family there is one NUT…Now Ours Is Gone….Good lLuck to her in her new school….I have a large rool of BUBBLE WRAP For Sale for her kid in the new school…GOOD LUCK >>>NDA…LOOK OUT YOUR NEXT..!

  • GadgetGirl

    My child is a special needs child. Despite that, she is in a classroom environment with full on sharp corners and hard furniture. Having been a kid once myself, I do remember how easily foreheads bleed. So when, for every year of elementary school, she ended up with a mild concussion (not always her own doing) I don't feel a need to chastise the school for not wrapping her in bubble wrap. She's heading into high school, and I still don't wrap her in bubble wrap, or hold others accountable first.

  • GadgetGirl

    Hey, at least it was a Clorox wipe, and not Mercurochrome! The threat of my mom getting out the bottle with the stinging red liquid was enough for me to keep most cuts to myself.


    I can not believe this mother…..she is turning her kid into a liar…..who in their right mind would use a clorox wipe? how does the child even know its clorox wipes… shes in 1st grade she probraly doesnt even know how to read !!!!! this mother is rude and obnoxious!!! I hope she is happy with letting her daughter grow up to be a liar

  • Guest

    I used to know this litle girl…one day she tried to choke me and i told her multiple times to stop but she wouldn't … She even tried to choke another girl during a school play practice….. Its a good thing she left the school because u couldnt stand her!!!!

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