Rihanna shows up to Chris Brown’s probation hearing for case where he beat her

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Los Angeles (CNN) — Rihanna left no doubt about how she feels about Chris Brown and the probation he’s serving for beating her up four years ago.

The pop star sat behind Brown in court Wednesday while a prosecutor asked a judge to order the singer to restart the community labor that is his punishment for the felony assault conviction.

It was Rihanna’s second time in a courtroom with Brown. The first was the day in August 2009 when Brown was sentenced to five years’ probation and ordered to stay away from her. Then, she was a witness for the prosecution.

“She thinks it’s utterly ridiculous what they’re doing to him,” Brown lawyer Mark Geragos said when a reporter asked why his assault victim was in court.

The Los Angeles County district attorney’s office has “tortured” Brown during his probation worse than any client he’s ever had, Geragos said.

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  • Mrs Williams

    They need to just leave him alone, if she can forgive him why can’t they. This is crazy. Let him live!!! #Team Breezy!!

    • Michael P. Valentin

      I don't know, maybe Ike & Tina come to mind. I personally think they actually deserve each other, her for crying wolf and him for being a woman beater. They both need psychiatric counseling. A man isn't a man where it counts, if he puts his hands on a woman against her will.

  • lovettebrit

    I know this may sound strange but it seems to me that ever since he and Rhianna reunited he has had some pretty bad things happen to him. When he dated Karruche Tran he was peaceful he looked peaceful and good things were starting to happen for him. Sometime who you want can be like a poison to you. Some love is just not mean’t to be I have witnessed it only once in my life between two other people years ago and needless to say that one is in prison for the rest of his days on this earth.

  • Melissa

    He's a loose cannon as we've seen time and again..and she's a door mat and a terrible example for young black women.

    • Michael P. Valentin

      I totally agree, and the DA in this case is hands on because clearly they want to make an example of what not to do to get involved in a situation like tweedledee and tweedledumb, ike & tina, chris & rihanna.

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