Mom killed in Turkey had sex with me, man alleges about Sarai Sierra

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STATEN ISLAND, New York (PIX11) —  A Turkish man who befriended Staten Island mom, Sarai Sierra, online told authorities in Istanbul he had consensual sex with the married, 33-year old woman, the day before she vanished.

Sierra was found battered to death near ancient walls in Istanbul on Feb. 2.  A Turkish prosecutor told the Daily News the man, Taylan K., is not considered the murder suspect.

Sierra’s iPad and cell phone were missing, when she was discovered with her skull crushed and face badly disfigured. She was supposed to fly home Jan. 21. Sierra’s body arrived at Kennedy Airport in Queens Thursday evening.



    • Sara Gonzalez

      Exactly! The bastard is responsible! Problem is… that Turkey is a 3rd world country with the cheapest judicial system governed by a lower educated democracy! So the system will probably fail to make competent a decision in applying justice as so deserved! Has this happened in the U.S.??!!… The mother-fk–er would've been caught already!

      Sara Gonzalez

      • Logic

        According to news reports, its FBI that has been handling most of this investigation. Therefore, the US! Plus, the judicial system isn't even involved at this level, and Turkey is not a 3rd world country anymore. These facts are all over the media. Try educating yourself before throwing around such outlandish comments.

      • Guest

        Turkey was never a 3rd world country. It was and is always a 1st world country. And so is Iran. If you want to cite negative aspects of Turkey that are similar to those observed in 3rd world countries, please be more specific.

      • carmen

        I am ın Istanbul now and was worrıed about comıng here when the news of Saraıs murder. I travel a lot but thıs was my fırst tıme to Istanbul and let me tell you that thıs ıs NOT a thırd world country and people respect each other. I feel totally safe walkıng the beautıful streets of Istanbul at nıght so please educate yourself before makıng those stupıd comments

    • Ashton

      This is ridiculous, Mary Murphy and Pix are pretty disgusting for this because the suspect's lawyer stated a few days ago that his client did not have sex with Sarai Sierra, the story was invented by a turkish tabloid. Slandering a dead women with a fake story, my god…

  • Red Acted

    This video reports what other media haven't mentioned before: the lover who had sex with the victim in a bar bathroom (yuck!) was a known criminal, and this revelation, along with the victim's bad judgment (traveling alone to an Islamic country; having (consensual) sex with a virtual stranger in bathroom of all places) and the fact that she took several day trips to other countries, strongly implies Sarai was being used (unknowingly or not) as a drug mule. She was beaten to dead (no gun evidence left behind) because she resisted more trips, learned the real reason for the tips, or was the random victim of a homicidal sex offender or Turkish gang member — or the bathroom lover (spurned or not). NEVER travel along to any country (especially an Islamic Republic) whether you're a woman, a man or anything less than a heavily armed and -trained Navy SEAL!

    • carmen

      I have been ın Istanbul for 4 days and was quıte scared when news of Saraıs murder was all over the medıa. I was about to leave and frıends wanted me to change my plans but I came anyways. Thıs ıs a wonderful cıty wıth lots of hıstory and ımpressıve culture. Saraı made some bad judgements and ıt ıs not the fault of Istanbul that she was found dead. I feel QUITE safe walkıng the streets of Istanbul at nıght

  • AirForce

    Turkey is wonderful country. The U.S. has access to military base in Turkey and many U.S. personnel are there. I visited Mersen and Konia, Turkey and the people where nice and polite. The food is great and the cities are loaded with history that goes back thousands of years. Just because it's a Muslim country doesn't mean we are better than they are. It's tragic that this young lady was murdered and hopefully some justice will found. On the flip side, I just read a young lady was found floating in a river and another stabbed to death by her boyfriend in New York! I wonder what the Turks think of America?

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