Chris Christie tells ex-White House doc who criticized his weight to ‘Shut up’

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New Jersey Governor Chris Christie lashed out against a doctor who criticized his weight.

During an interview, former White House doctor Connie Mariano said she would like to see Christie run for president in 2016 but worries about him “dying in office.”

Governor Christie dismissed the critique by Dr. Mariano calling her “another hack who wants five minutes on TV.”

Christie also called her comments irresponsible and said she should shut up.

Mariano has since responded to the governor’s remarks, telling Bloomberg “you don’t have to be a doctor to see that he is obese.”

And as far as her being a “hack” out for fame,  she said, “I’m not a hack,” she said. “If you look up my resume, I’ve been in the White House for nine years. I’m a retired Navy rear admiral. I’m board-certified in internal medicine.”


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  • Jane Donahoe

    Wow! Good for Chris Christie. Here is a man who tells it like it is and that is wonderful in this day of hypocritical politicians. Governor Christie does a super job (and I am a Democrat!) and his weight is nobody's business but his own.
    I would have been much less polite than the Governor when addressing Dr. Mariano's comments. I admire his restraint.. I would have told her where to go, what to do when she got there and how to do it.
    Compared to that, "Shut up" is exquisitely polite.

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