Woman arrested, placed on “Nanny Blacklist” after being caught on camera slapping child

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If you’re a parent, this is the last thing you want to hear about is someone harming a child — someone hired to keep that child safe. Well that’s exactly what happened in this case. The family still hasn’t returned home, and it isn’t known how their baby is doing following an assault by the nanny hired to car for her.

52-year-old Mamura Nasirova can be seen from behind on a ‘nannie cam’ concealed in a carbon monoxide detector that she did not know was rolling.

She can be seen repeatedly smacking the 5-month-old baby girl.

The incident took place inside her employer’s Staten Island home on January 28th, while the baby’s mother was out.

That mother posted her account of what happened on a Russian parenting website – in the “Nanny Blacklist” section.

She sheds some light on her initial suspicions about Nasirova, writing:

“My 17-month-old son was very scared of her for no reason” and that she, “…didn’t see anything wrong until one day when I took my daughter to dance class which is across the street from my house and while there decided to watch the cameras from the iPad.”


It was at that moment that her worst fears were confirmed.

Nasirova also hit and punched the helpless baby in the legs, simply because she refused to feed.

This neighbor, who says she knows both the nanny – and the parents she worked for tells PIX11 she suspected the children were not in the best care but had no idea it was this bad.

“Yeah she hit him in the back of the behind, but not the face. Because if she did she would have heard from me,” the woman said.

After watching the assault of her own child from her tablet, the mother rushed home, confronted the nanny and called the police.

The police came here to the family’s home Sunday evening to take Nasirova in to custody. That’s exactly where she is tonight – at Rikers island, held on $1,000 bail.  She’s charged with resisting arrest – and, as a result of being caught red-handed – endangering the welfare of a child.


  • Nory

    Hospital can this sorry excuse of a somanta be only charter $1000.00 , drug de aleros get charged more. Sheshould do time, get enourmesly fined and after her time served she should get deported. This is to teach her a lesson and to prevent further cases, with our defenseless children. Lets avoid a horrific accident before we are all left with regret.

    Nory,Jackson Heights NY

  • Nory

    Auto correct above sorry,

    What i meant was how can this sorry excuse of a person only get charged $1000 when we have petate crime doers get fines with moré value. She should do time, get an enormous fine and get deported to prevent further incidents

  • Jennifer

    First off, the bail is way too low! And the comment in the story of the nanny hitting the kids on the back of the had, but not the face, so that was ok??? Crazy

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