City tacks on new fees for paying parking tickets online

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It’s about to start costing you more to pay your parking tickets, that is, unless you want to do it the old fashioned way.

Without notice, the Parking Violations Bureau has raised how much you have to pay to take care of those fines online by 43 percent.

You already have to pony up 2 dollars for the quick service — it’s now jumped to $2.86.

You can, however, still pay your ticket in person or via snail mail for free.

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  • Shellie Thonas

    Howard it is extremely unfair that the city will not give me a chance to settle my past ticket debt that I didn’t even know existed until day before yesterday. Now they expect me to come up with 2400 before they tow it and then auction it off. I just got thebcRbtwi months ago. How could DMV even allow me to register the new car if I had soapy violations? I don’t know what to do.

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