‘Overweight’ Ravens cheerleader banned from Super Bowl

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When the Ravens take the field against the 49ers in the Super Bowl Sunday, there is one team veteran who will not be there.

Ravens cheerleader Courtney Lenz, has been a member of the cheer squad for five years but she did not receive an invitation to attend the biggest game of her career.

She retired at the end of the regular season and she accuses the Ravens of not allowing her to cheer in retaliation for what she calls minor weight gain during the season.

Fans have launched an online petition to let her cheer in the big game.


  • Mike L

    Let me make sure I understand this…. she quite and now she wants to be part of the limelight again? I say sorry… she made a choice and should live by it! That's like whining about losing the lotto because you quit playing on the week your numbers came up! BTW…. she knew when she became a cheerleader that her looks/appearance (including weight) were going to be highly scrutinized.

    • Genna W

      If she quit, she's out. Simple. She can make up all the excuses she wants. Announcers can try to start a tempest over nothing. In this clip one claimed it was 5 pounds, the other 1.8. Make up stuff much? You should probably know the facts before you report them. There's no reason the team should bring her to the Super Bowl if she wasn't on the squad during the playoffs. Maybe she just didn't believe in her team. Bye bye.

  • glk

    Petty and stupid. TO ALL SUPERBOWL SPONSERS! I will personally BOYCOTT the Superbowl if the Ravens do not reconsider their position and let her cheer. As I have recently left a NURSING position after 27 years and am very aware of how it feels to be treated badly by a HUGE employer after giving them the best of my working career. (Especially if not related to lack of $$ on the employer's part). Appreciation her years of dedication for the years of no Superbowl.

  • Whatever

    She retired at the end of the season – this is the end of the season – the Superbowl. The fact that these girls all have to get weighed in is ridiculous anyway. What, is someone not going to like a football team because they have fat cheerleaders? You have to in shape no matter what. I think they forget it's about football – not getting your sexy on.

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