All-girl gang terrorizes bowling alley, stabs girl multiple times

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They’ve gained a reputation as a violent gang, and they’ve struck again in another city in North Jersey.  But the group is as unusual in their name and their membership as they are dangerous.

They call themselves the BGC Posse.  The G stands for “gone,” the C, for “crazy.”  The B is for a derogatory term for women, and this group that’s shown itself in police reports to be violent is made up completely of females in their early 20’s.

A Jersey City Police report details their latest attack.  The group of at least eight young women was bowling, drinking and getting unruly in the Hudson Lanes bowling alley on Garfield Avenue at the Jersey City-Bayonne town line.

In fact, the women got so out of hand, according to the bowling alley manager, that he had to order them out of the business just after 1:00 A.M. Wednesday.  When the young ladies got out to the parking lot, they threatened to beat up another young female who had been inside earlier.  That woman called her cousin for help.

All-girl gang B****** Gone Crazy wanted for terrorizing bowling alley, stabbing girl

All-girl gang B****** Gone Crazy wanted for terrorizing bowling alley, stabbing girl

When the cousin, a 23 year-old Jersey City resident, showed up, a full-on girl gang attack broke out, and as the two cousins and another friend tried to get away, they noticed that the 23 year-old cousin was bleeding.  It quickly became clear that she had been slashed, apparently with a knife.

Somebody from the B*****s Gone Wild Posse had left the woman they’d attacked with knife gashes across both of her breasts and one arm that were so severe, the victim needed more than two dozen stitches and staples to begin to repair the damage.  The Jersey Journal first reported the story.

Police interviewed the victim at Jersey City Medical Center, where a friend of hers had taken her after the attack.  The victim told investigators about the BGC Posse moniker the group of women had used in the attack.

Police also interviewed another woman who had been hurt in the attack.  She told them that she had encountered the BGC Posse before, during a gang attack in Newark.

Police are investigating, but identifying the attackers is a challenge, as the police report indicates, and bottles of cheap alcohol in the bowling alley parking lot show.  The victim and the perpetrators were intoxicated at the time of the attack, so getting a detailed description of the BGC Posse members may not be possible until they strike again.


  • eunice

    thats y the good ppl need to b armed at all times the young ppl these days r out of control and whenits all said and done cops cant get to u n time so u should b able to defend urself against these hoodlums

    • Sarah

      Yeah. It's so much better that instead of everyone walking away with some cuts that we end up with a half-dozen dead bodies.

      • Torm Terrible

        Lets see, a half dozen attempted murderers or a single innocent. Yes, that is a good thing. Let me know if you want these gangers to jump and kill YOUR daughter or if you want her to be able to keep them at bay and save her life.

      • TruthHurtsYaBish

        I'm trying my darndest to understand what you just wrote. No luck, but my guess is you watch a lot of western movies. This is not the wild wild west, we don't need everyone going around gun slinging at the drop of a hat.

      • crimeslayer

        Look at the black calling the com mentor confused. And by your attempt at creating a secret name you purposely misspelled it?

    • Guest

      wow! Obvioulsy an undeucated gutter rat. Have you ever thought about learning to read and write? People may listen to your opinion then.

  • Jingobets

    They were ALL black, I was there. It's Jersey City for crying out loud at 1am who else do you think is out bowling on a Tuesday night at that hour? And it wasn't only girls, they were over 20 men with the girls.

    • Stebognij

      I was there too and thats BS and to answer you qusetion:

      who else do you think is out bowling on a Tuesday night at that hour? YOU and ME

    • Activist

      Most likely blacks. Let's take a look at all of our serial killers. Were they blacks as well? Some of our most tragic crimes and multiple murders are committed by whites. give it a few more months and we will hear about another horrific crime committed by some crazy white person. I look forward to seeing your comment then.

      • crimeslayer

        Yeah right stupid!If the definition was changed to 3 or more bodies The Brothers would dominate the serial killer name. Lets include Gang bangers from Compton with 3 or more bodies.OH shoot just tipped the scales to the point of "What white serial killers"Never herd of them.

  • Brissa

    This attack was cruel and unnecessary. Violence is not the solution. I hope this gang of females is caught. Why is the BGC, getting away with this? Did they have a reason to attack the young girl, especially when she was hopeless and alone? I hope they are caught before the group causes anymore harm.

  • Mike

    Violence is never the solution unless you are confronted with violence, then in my opinion, there is only peace through superior firepower. If you play by the rules and the bay guys or in this case the bad girls don't you are going to lose.

    • maevro

      i agree with you mike. all this talk about gun control. i can just see it now…all of the bad guys marching down to religiously turn in all of their guns…NOT. the only purpose gun control will serve is to keep law abiding citizens from protecting themselves. that's why criminals are called criminals. DUH! THEY HAVE NO RESPECT FOR THE LAW, AND THEREFORE WILL STILL HAVE THEIR GUNS.

  • repthxfire

    Based on the comments so far, it appears there is truth to the belief that people in New Jersey are all racists and bigots. Just a bunch of under-educated, ignorant Italians..You're all just a bunch of snooki's. So, how do you all like being branded with stereotypical beliefs and comments? The ignorant beliefs that New Jersey is just a bunch of illiterate, ignorant, grammar challenged, hoochy mama's and chest beating wanna be wise guys is as bad as your belief that only blacks commit violent crime or belong to gangs….I don't know, maybe most of you ARE ignorant, etc.

    • Dexter

      Why do you think they won't publish crime stats by race. HHHMMMMMM maybe because a few races would be singled out. Do you think the prison population by race would surprise anyone when it is obvious the majority are black???? Get your head out of the sand and accept the problem

  • TruthHurtsYaBish

    Well we know they weren't white, that's for sure. If they'd been white they would have shot and killed everyone in the bowling alley and then claimed to be mentally ill. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    • Activist

      You are so right who else goes into a movie theaters at midnight and start shooting. Not you and I. A white person of course. Who else blows up government building with a day care on the bottom floor? Whites. Who else goes to schools and college campuses and kill innocent people for absolutely no reason what so ever? Whites. Who else would beat a poor man to death as he was walking down the street with his wife and son for just absolutely no reason at all other then he was hindu? Whites. Horrific murders committed against innocent people along with most of our serial killers are white. Give it a few more months and we will hear about another tragic multiple murders committed by a white person.

      • crimeslayer

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      • Tell that

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    • crimeslayer

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  • Activist

    What about the 20 again I say it loud and clear 20 innocent kids in new town. 32 I say again in Virginia tech. When it comes to multiple senseless death we will definitely have to look at the white man..

    • crimeslayer

      You are the worst dirt bag racist for using that tragic happening to further your ridiculous argument. It shows you lack of sense and intelligence. YES you sir are beneath us all,Thats right you are the dirt under foot

    • sumday

      "When it comes to multiple senseless death we will definitely have to look at the white man.. "- want to compare reported crimes in the newspaper from any major city on any given day by color vs percent of population and then have this same conversation?

  • Irritated

    Here's how to start ending violence…live in prison for attacks like this. Have to take a ZERO tolerance stance.

  • A rose is a rose...

    Dafuq does skin tone (or gender for that matter) have to do with any of this? Poor choices are the same no matter who you are.

    • crimeslayer

      Plenty for those of us who are tired of reading about ignorant black girls violently treating decent people in OUR society.

  • crimeslayer

    There black chicks,Someone just need to grab them up drag then into a basement somewhere and lock them away till they figure out they are not as tough as they think.And picking on civilians is off limits

    • Tell that

      Or maybe you need to run up on them and let them whip ur smart mouth a$$… have issues and we KNOW they started at home with your "Christian" family

    • sumday

      her cousin was more likely to show up in time to help then the cops. Cops won't even show up until AFTER a crime has been commited.

  • Billy Schleppegrell

    You would think this high profile gang would be easy enough to identify….hope they catch them soon.

  • maevro

    i notice that no matter what the issue, some people ALWAYS manage to make it about race. the fact still remains that we have these out of control little heathens that nobody will do anything about. it doesn't matter if they were black or italian or whatever. the situation is the same. people are no longer safe on the streets or just trying to go about their everyday lives.

  • Be ki

    Where are the parents in all of this !!!! I agree one at a time should be held accountable with the same amount of attackers on them it would certainly slow them down!

  • jeanne odonnell

    I grew-up in Bayonne & worked in both the Roosevelt & Hudson Bowling alleys. We had leauge nights & pen bowling & no fights what-so-ever until the amusement park called "Crack & Dope Currys" opened up. Please, don't sugar-coat this behavior. Many hard-working factory guys & gals used to look forward to a few pins & Beers. Now it's crack heads looking for an easy mark in the pocketbook. Put a few Good Cops there (The ones that don't take sex for a bribe) & lock the fuckers up. Let them settle there shit in the County. ANIMALS.

  • Terry

    Is it ***** gone crazy or wild the author uses two different descripitons of the people in the same article

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