3 Conn. officers given desk duty after tasering, beating man in public park [VIDEO]

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BRIDGEPORT (Hartford Courant)—Three Bridgeport police officers were moved to desk jobs after a video surfaced that allegedly shows them beating a suspect during an arrest, according to a news release from the department.

An anonymous witness posted the video on YouTube on Jan. 6. The incident, which occurred in Beardsley Park, reportedly took place on May 20, 2011.

In the video, a man trying to run from police is shot with a stun gun. Once he is down, two officers appear to start kicking and stomping him. Shortly after, a third officer pulls up in a cruiser, gets out and appears to join in the beating.

Police Chief Joseph Gaudett Jr. learned of the video on Jan. 17 and an internal investigation began immediately, the news release said. Officers Elson Morales, Joseph Lawlor and Clive Higgins, all 10-year veterans of the department, were placed on administrative status the next day, pending outcome of the investigation, Gaudett said.


A third officer can be seen running from his patrol car and kicking the prone man in the side.

Police have not identified the man in the video. He has not filed an excessive force complaint, police spokesman Bill Kaempffer said Saturday. Kaempffer had no comment on whether the man received medical treatment or was taken to the hospital following the arrest.

“I’m concerned by what I saw and ordered the Office of Internal Affairs (OIA) to conduct an immediate, thorough and timely investigation,” Gaudett said in a prepared statement. “If violations are found, we will take action. Our officers are held to high standards and rightfully so, and we intend to maintain these standards.”

The Bridgeport state’s attorney’s is also involved in the investigation. The person who posted the video on YouTube could not be reached.




  • Melija

    and i wanna know why they were given desk jobs ?are u serious lets think about this for one min, ummmmm they were given desk jobs . ok

  • Dorf Gelfling

    If three thugs with guns had me on the ground and were kicking me, I would shoot them in the head.
    If three cops do the same thing, why shouldn’t they be shot in the head?

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