Save Our Hospital! Brooklyn community rallies to rescue institution from closure

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Whether you’re the patient, the doctor, the nurse, the local resident or local politician — nobody likes losing a hospital and together they protested outside Friday.

In an age, when everyone is paying more for health insurance, Long Island College Hospital in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn faces a deficit.

Dr. John Romanelli of LICH told PIX11 News only the more complex surgeries, like heart surgeries, pay hospitals well.

And LICH has lost a lot of high-end talent, taking the complex surgeries with them and leaving the small jobs that don’t pay well enough behind.

In less than two weeks, SUNY Downstate, which owns and operates this hospital, will vote whether to close it down.

It doesn’t look good for the hospital, though, and that means residents like father of four Daniel Arbeeny will have to travel some distance even in an emergency.



  • I Torres

    We need our hospital it is not fare that we have to go elsewhere there great doctors in there instead of closing bring more programs and one of my dreams is to see my son in his lab coat and he just a step away Please don't close all my doctors are there .


    LICH has about 300 staffed beds in use & the facts are that they were 90% full everyday in 2012 and still are. LICH is FULL of patients. The hospital IS busy. The other 200 unstaffed beds are set aside waiting for all the new programs and expanded services that SUNY Downstate was supposed to be bringing in – like pediatrics, cardiac surgery, and organ transplant. Still waiting. Those services havent come but instead, the first thing SUNY did when it took over was layoff employees and get rid of some LICH doctors and physician group practices. Doctors bring patients. So if a hospital gets rid of doctors, it will have less patients. For SUNY to not bring the promised services and deliberately get rid of doctors then COMPLAIN that there are unused beds and less patients sounds to me like a set up so they could "justify" closing LICH and cashing in on its real estate. Sabatoge.

  • Coll Giunta

    I am totally disappointed with our elected officialsI was oppose to this hand over from day one and served on the CAB at LICH to keep these doctors up to date as they were kept in teh dark about much. Now our elected officials are shocked, about Downstates finacial status ARE YOU KIDDING ME, the writting was on the wall I and most of the doctors saw this 2 and 3 years ago so to our elected officials don't be so surprised. You should have know the state that Downstate was in before handing the hospital and all of it's real estate over to them on a golden platter. All of you totally ignoring the doctors who were more educated on how and what a hospital needed to stay up adn running, so please give me a break .
    I who used to trust all of you with all of my heart now has a broken one. Coll Giunta

  • sandra evans

    its called LONG ISLAND College Hospital because 155 yrs ago when it was established, Brooklyn was not part of NYC – Brooklyn & Queens were part of Long Island before becoming boroughs of NYC. And it was a college – the first medical school in NY which evolved into SUNY Downstate Medical School. Ironically, in this situation, the child is killing its mother.

  • Jim H

    The 990 IRS tax statements from LICH shows a $22-million loss in 2010 and
    $32-million loss in 2009, with a $26-million loss for 2008. The NYS Comptrollers Office said LICH has lost money for 17 years in a row. In the New York State Comptrollers Report he states: "A major cause of the Hospital’s fiscal stress is the acquisition of LICH on May 29, 2011." This may cost New York State hundreds of millions of dollars before all is said and done. This will affect all the taxpayers from Buffalo, to Rochester, to Albany, to Long island paying for this mistake.Have someone actually talk to the people of Brooklyn, the people who work here, live here, and utilize the health care system for possible solutions. We don't bite!

  • Jim H

    New York State should have an open hearing examining how SUNY was able to push through the Long Island College Hospital acquisition. If there was wrong doing, there should be criminal charges. New York State failed in it's fiduciary responsibilities to insure the acquisition of Long Island College Hospital was sound fiscally! What happened to the "seemingly infinite number of required steps and agreements necessary for the deal to close." Did no one from N.Y.S. look at the fiscal issues before giving an okay to this deal? Instead of looking for simplistic answers like mergers, or hiring consultants for millions who know nothing about Brooklyn or its problems. New York State and SUNY should follow the Comptrollers recommendations: Work with the consultant, SUNY System Administration, state policy makers, union officials and the Brooklyn community to identify solutions that balance the Hospital’s need for fiscal stability with the strategic goals of Downstate as well as the health care and economic needs of the community.

  • Waterson

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