Mom furious after dentist gives daughter all-silver crown smile

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ARIZONA (PIX11) – A Phoenix woman is upset after she took her daughter in for some dental work.

Four-year-old Savannah White was told she had four cavities. So, her mom decided to let the dentist fill them.

But it was only after Savannah went home that her mom noticed that every single tooth — top and bottom — were capped with stainless-steel crowns.


  • Sara

    I dont believe this story at all – i think its bullshit – what dentist is going to cap all of a 4 year olds teeth when they still have BABY TEETH!!!!

  • Sarah

    They do if the patient is sedated. Apparently the dentist was trying to prevent future decay as the baby teeth are the "place holders" for the adult teeth. If they are destroyed, the adult teeth don't come in where they are supposed to.

  • Guest

    I still cant see how the mother wasnt in the room with her 4 year old daughter while this was being done! a cavity filling hurts and they always have the parent there to hold there childs hand to help them get through it and you always look in your childs mouth to make sure things were done correctly. how did she not notice til they got home??

  • Jeanann

    Why would you ever allow cavities to be filled in baby teeth anyway? So stupid also this should give mind to the fact that everyone is neglecting why would a four year old have so many cavities? Obviously the mon is giving her foods she at four years of age should not be eating! I would have been in that room with my baby the whole time! How do you know the dentist was not doing things he should not have been! Sick world we live in where parents don't know how to do their job and then everyone wonders why they hear so much bad stuff going on in the news!

  • donedentalbefore

    what about the bill? crowns cost waaaay more that a filling or two. This certainly is not a 'one' visit to this dentist.
    Mom needs to review her story.

  • paGlo

    Somebody is trying to get money…My child had baby bottle tooth decay n the dentist removed the bad ones n capped the rest nothing wrong with getting you kids teeth capped they look better than rotten….and the dentist was only helping the kid…Mommy is just switching up the story n trying to get money….

  • amber

    I'm a pediatric dental assistant with 10 years experience. The best way to treat a large cavity on a baby tooth with more than one surface of decay is to place a silver crown. However small cavities can be filled with tooth colored fillings. You have to remember baby molars stay in the mouth until age 11 or 12 years of age. So it is important to restore baby teeth other wise the decay gets large to where the child feels pain or gets an infection. Our main goal is to keep permanent teeth healthy. Plus parents never take responsibility, how did the child get cavities in the first place. We can only do our part and give advice to help parents prevent cavities so their children never have to get silver crowns. I see this every day in kids younger than 4. I have seen children that are as young as 2 with severe dental decay. Its very sad. But the dentists are not to blame, we aren't the enemies. We love working with children and helping families.

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