Brooklyn subway sex attack suspect captured on surveillance

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BROOKLYN (PIX11) – Police are on the hunt for a man they say sexually assaulted a woman inside a Brooklyn subway station.

Security cams captured the victim going through a turnstile at the Lorimer stop in Williamsburg.

Just seconds later, the suspect who is wearing a red hoodie, comes up behind her.

As she’s walking up the stairs to leave, police say the man grabs her and tries to pull off her tights.

She puts up a fight and manages to escape. He snatches her cell phone and runs off.

Anyone who recognizes the suspect is urged to call police.


  • truth

    Why does this idiot have to be Hispanic?
    No wonder Caucasian and Asian women aren't into Spanish guys.
    Hispanics and blacks will always have a bad reputation in NYC.
    It's very true, I just wish it wasn't.

  • Wow genius

    Who cares what Caucasian and Asian women are into? The guy is a predator and needs to be put in jail. They probably aren't into some people cause instead of being concerned about a rapist running loose, the geniuses of NY are worried that some chicks won't be into them. SMH!

  • MajorRay

    The race issue is so sick! There is no crime in China or Russia BECAUSE there are few blacks and Hispanics? Stop being so ignorant people! This is why the theory of human evolution is the most consequential lie ever perpetrated on humankind.

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