Police chase on TV ends up outside shocked viewer’s home

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CALIFORNIA (PIX11) – While many viewers in Los Angeles tuned into a live car chase in Inglewood Sunday, one viewer inadvertently found himself in the middle of the action.

A man identified by published reports as Jason Lee, posted a video of him watching the ongoing car chase inside his home.

Suddenly the sirens grew closer and louder, which prompted him to turn his direction to his window where the fleeing vehicle passes his home with police in pursuit.

The incredible video was posted to YouTube and had since gone viral.

tv police chase




  • Elizabeth

    One has to wonder why was he video taping his television while watching the news anyway which enabled him to catch and record all the action?

  • Sharon

    I was watching the car chase on tv that night too. The kid in the car kept going back to the same streets, so I'm sure this guy had seen the car chase pass the window a few times before he took this video.

    Well done, Mr. Lee, well done!

  • JDK

    i'm pretty sure this is fake. when he sees the car turn on his street, the car on the TV is still continuing straight ahead…

    • Sharon

      The broadcast from the helicopter is a few seconds delay, so the live car is farther down the street than the tv broadcast. If you check google maps and look for the signs on Century Blvd, you can see exactly where the car is heading. That bunch of trees the car disappears under is at the Fir/Firmona Ave Intersection. Head down to Rosewood Ave. That Value Inn Worldwide at the corner looks like where he was shooting from. Go down to street view, and you'll see the 2 windows, the fence outside the first window, and the wall outside the second window.

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