NRA releases iPhone gun app for kids weeks after Newtown shooting

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The National Rifle Association has launched a free iPhone and iPad app shooting game for kids.

The free game “NRA: Practice Range” comes exactly one month after the Newtown school massacre.

Players get to choose a weapon to fire at an indoor gun range, an outdoor range or for skeet practice.

For 99 cents extra, players can unlock higher capacity guns similar to the one Adam Lanza used in the Sandy Hook school shooting.



  • bountyguy

    Ok people can look at this 2 ways I myself dont have guns and dont want them around my child being said that.
    I can see the other side of this as all kids ever hear are the negative things guns do not the good or what they were intended for.
    By getting kids to use this app they may understand that it is not the gun that kills it is the person
    I can understand why people would get upset over this but look at both sides instead of always promoting guns as bad lets educate kids on the good guns can do protect put food on your table and that is also why I do not see the need for the automatic AK47 ect ect as if you took one of these guns hunting their would not be anything left for the table,Now a shot gun is a great gun to hunt with.

  • MichelleK

    AMEN ART! We let our kids play shootem' up games, they are now adults and have never been in trouble with the law…why? Because WE as parents were responsible in our parenting responsibilities! We taught them right from wrong, good from bad, they knew that games were just that, games! We DO have guns in our home, our kids learned how to properly handle one and that they were not toys! Media, movies, video games, music…though much could be done without, none of it has to do with the bad in people. You could have a child watch Barney all day and night, give them nothing negative to view or hear, and if they want to hurt someone or something they are still going to do it. I am sick of hearing people say 'get rid of the guns' guns don't kill people, as it has been said a million times…And neither do video games!

    • Chad W

      I completely agree with you on this. I feel our states need to get off there butts and help the people that need it instead of focusing on guns are bad. That mother was going to take her son to washinfton state to get him help. Our States need to get more qualified people to help the mental health of people and not worry about the guns.

  • Nick Prague

    Facts can be manipulated however you want but this game is showing guns being used in legitimate sporting puposes. They're skeet shooting and target shooting, rather than shooting young women. Lets stop the facade of more gun control which makes politicians look like they've done something. Let us instead enforce the thousands of gun laws that already exist. By the way, the Bushmaster used in the Newtown shooting is a semi automatic with assault rifle cosmetics and not a true assault rifle, which already is illegal inmost states.

  • Rich

    I am done with WPIX 11. You want to go to the streets to demonize the topic of the week. Whores to a story to tr to keep it alive. The apps arent wrong or even bad. It is shooting a gun, a tool, in a sporting setting. I am a gun owner, I am a resposable hard working American. I target shoot all the time. I have 2 AR's among other guns. You should to be ashamed with your self. The poor parents of those kids, killed by a mad man, yet you feel you need to keep reminding us of the gun "like the one used in the Conneticut shooting" You want to do some reporting find out how many AR's are owned by us responsable gun owners, then do the math at what percentage are invoved in any crime. If you want to save lives, save kids, for real. Outlaw cars, report to me how many hundreds of kids die annualy in vehicle accidents, high capacity clips, how about 20 mph limits. How many lives will that save. Drivng is a privalag, owning a gun of my choice is my constetutional right. You can care less about the kids or saving lives, just your ajenda like the rest of this dieing country. Well pix, you lost one viewer. I would rather watch FOX!

  • Tinkr

    Well considering the NRA is blaming the gaming and movie industry for gun violence,maybe they might want to think about all the money they are pouring into that industry before they blame them. The NRA said yesterday that background checks should be done on no one , including convicted criminals or American citizens on the terrorist watch lists. NICE we r now the terrorist country, yeahhhh!!!!

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