‘I feel like stabbing some of these kids’: teacher investigated for deadly comments

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An eighth grade teacher fantasized out loud about what she wanted to do to some unruly students, and it involved a potentially fatal act.  It’s what the New York City schools’ chief investigator confirms, and it’s left some parents and students stunned.

“She should be put in jail,” Lofera Gina, the guardian of a student at the Collaborative Academy of Science Technology and Language Arts, or CASTLE Middle School, told PIX11 News about 8th grade teacher Jacqueline Baffoni.

The city’s Special Commissioner for Investigations said it probed a complaint against Baffoni, in which she had said to unruly students that she felt “like stabbing some of these kids — I have a knife here.”  She had apparently kept a knife in her desk that she’d had on hand to cut fruit, but she shared out loud that she was willing to use the tool as a weapon against the students left in her care.

“[It makes me] feel horrible, Lauren Reilly, an eighth grader, said about the allegations.  She, her father and other students and parents said that the whole school was talking about the situation.


Collaborative Academy of Science Technology and Language Arts, or CASTLE Middle School

A vice principal from CASTLE Middle School declined comment.  So did Ms. Baffoni herself.  PIX11 paid a visit to the apartment on the Lower East Side where she had lived, but surprised neighbors said that the four year veteran teacher had moved away.

However, preteens who had looked up to Baffoni, 32, were emotional about the situation.  “To hear something like that, it was kind of shocking,” said eighth grader Samantha Vega.  But she and other students said that the reason for the shock was the contrast between the allegations and actions of the teacher they knew and had liked.

“If the kids had any problem,” said Vega, “[Ms. Baffoni] would take them out for lunch and deal with it, and she would try to help them out.”

In fact, Baffoni was known to have extra raised funds online for students’ books.  She was a probationary teacher in the New York City Public Schools System.  She resigned from the system at the end of last school year, prior to the completion of the probe against her, which concluded in October 2012.

The Special Commissioner for Investigation declined to comment about and disciplinary action Baffoni may have faced.


  • Jackiebegood

    just think if the NRA armed her….we should arm the kids too since that would be the next line of defense.

  • Anonymous

    everyone gets stressed out! all of you over exagerate things. put your self in her position i dont think you would handle little 8th graders either and im pretty sure she wouldnt have done it either way

  • rtg

    Everyone says stuff like that, doesn't mean anything. Is it now against the law to rant? If so, I'm in some big doo-doo.

  • wow

    That was the only pic they could find of this teacher? They obviously purposely tried to make her look a certain way by choosing that pic. Sure she should know better that this world is soft and can't handle real life, but "she should go to jail"…sure, says the moron who wouldn't be effected 1 bit by an innocent person going to jail and having her life ruined by making a comment that has probably been made by herself against her own kids. I think that idiot should go to jail for showing her kids how to demand unreasonable punishments because you're excited you're on tv or because you could care less about setting precedants that could cripple your rights as an American.

  • Lilith

    Judging from the terrible spelling and grammar in these comments, most of the people here really need to go BACK to school for some re-educating.

    • The Dean

      Wow…really mature Lilith. These people are showing interest and concern for a decent individual, and you're up here trolling. Thanks English professor.

    • Claude Balls

      I think you should teach us. I've just downloaded a really cool paper airplane design I can't wait to test it .

  • Christy

    Maybe, as the Nuns of Ole, saying that she would rather use the ruler across the knuckles. Maybe make them stand in a trash can.

  • Gerry

    I think our President should do something. Require registration on knifes. Only allow one knife to be purchased per month. Stop stores from selling sets of knifes! Limit the number of knives a person can own to ONE! A person can only use one knife at a time, there is no need to own more than one.

  • Matt

    I don't think most people know what teachers have to put up with anymore. If they saw the way their own kids acted, they would understand how a teacher could be driven to say something like this.

  • Morgan.

    Seriously….has anyone else in the world ever felt so aggravated they wanted to stab someone? This is teacher is dealing with pre-pubesant, teeny boppers every day of her life, not only that, but some of which are very very rude and disruptive. Middle Schoolers don't play around. Some of them just cannot and will not behave…so I really understand her frustration.
    And the fact that this is taking up news feed in the world and it was one simple, maybe inappropriate comment made, makes me sick. This is the most ridiculous new report. Leave the poor woman alone. She's an average person who voices her anger not someone who has to watch what she says constantly. Shes never under review of the public like this with interviews. Can you really expect her to talk and act like a perfect puppet through an interview?

  • Megan Sewickley

    It's a harmless comment made out of frustration; I can only imagine how infuriating kids can be today – obnoxious little versions of their self-absorbed parents.

  • schmitthead13

    this is why i will home school, they said she needs to be put in jail?? thats a little harsh, what ever happend to freedom of speech, its not like she actully did it, i work in health care and sometimes….

  • michelle

    All the name calling, bulling,has to STOP,and yes GOOD people can be pushed if everyone around them are bullies.PLEASE escuse any thing I have said our spelled that you don't like our can find to bully me with.That is the problem not the kids with guns,teachers with guns,people with guns or teachers with knives.It' people who stand up for people who are wrong.I see someone doing someone wrong i will be there if your feelings get hurt if your right i will be there , there are two sides to the story lets check both,I would like to know the person better before I decide, decide just cause u are popular or and outcast,but still will be your friend!!!!!!!!!!!!where there is 20 against 1 there will be 20 against two i will be there.

  • repthxfire

    This is why we don't want to arm civilians in the classroom, unless you have the authority to intensely investigate them and their history, just like they do for law enforcement. That would include psychological testing. I don't see too many teachers agreeing to that level of inspection of their personal lives.

  • balancedbrain

    There might be something going on in this woman's life, for her to be such a loving teacher and then say something like that. If you actually feel that way, you should not be teaching – or else getting medical help with depression or ??? I feel for her but she was right to quit.

  • frederick haddos

    Everyone has moments of negativity. Often we need to feel harsh negative emotions in order to produce and sustain very positive emotions. Obviously this teacher is highly thought of. Yes she could've chosen other words but, her treatment was ridiculous. Disciplinary action shouldn't have been no greater than just a decent discussion with an administrator. Or even a therapy session or two at the most. I believe that the system was looking to get rid of her before this episode. Why I cannot fully say. Middle Schoolers are extremely challenging to deal with professionally. Often, they tend to respect only emotional responses. I believe they can process these teacher outbursts far better than the adults who are more critical of them.

  • QuiGon Bong

    Actually, sounds like a pretty good plan for a lot of the little cockroaches I've personally encountered in some of the 'under priveleged' neighborhoods. The world would be a better place had they not even been born, but at least someone may get the satisfaction of preventing these worthless lives from growing up and causing even more damage to society.

  • Melba

    It sounds like she just had a little case of diarrhea of the mouth! Not everything that you are thinking needs to be said. Give her a break and hopefully next time she will just keep her mouth shut!

  • race

    Like I always say
    People just love to harm other people, and will do it every chance they get. This woman gets frustrated, says something bad, and every vulture within smelling distance comes to tear strips off her.
    Typical human behaviour. So glad I'm not one.

  • normsw

    And they want to arm the teachers? What a classic example of the insanity in this nation regarding gun laws. I call it mass hysteria, fueled by idiotic politicians pandering for votes and power. The US is on a steep downgrade to anarchy or a dictatorship, unless people wake up and get realistic re this issue.

  • "master key"

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