Death threats, reporters’ families targeted over controversial gun-owner map

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When the Journal News published a map that details the names and addresses of pistol permit holders in Westchester and Rockland counties, the paper’s editors say, they expected some criticism — but not death threats.

According to the New York Times, “Information [has been posted online] about where their children attended school; some reporters have received notes saying they would be shot on the way to their cars; bloggers have encouraged people to steal credit card information of Journal News employees; and two packages containing white powder have been sent to the newsroom and a third to a reporter’s home.”

The powder proved to be harmless, and, so far, much of the blow-back has been happening online.  In New Rochelle, the Talk of the Sound blogger Bob Cox attempted to turn the tables by creating his own map that pinpoints the homes of Journal News employees.


This map posted online claims to show the addresses of Journal News employees. The map is in response to the paper’s controversial decision to publish a map showing the addresses of gun owners.

“I don’t think my map is particularly fair to the Journal News employees, many of them have nothing to do with the story, but that’s in the same spirit of the Journal News map which is equally unfair,” Cox told PIX 11 News over the phone from Florida.

Still, Cox said, he did not think the story would take a threatening turn.

“I certainly don’t endorse the types of things I’m reading in the New York Times, about the threats, anthrax scares, getting people’s children involved, I just wanted to address the appropriate response and I thought my map was that response,” said Cox, who insists he will not take the interactive map down from his site.


State Senator Greg Ball, who represents Westchester, Rockland and Putnam counties, is not sympathetic to the recent security concerns of newspaper employees who have hired an armed guard stationed at their building.  He has been vocal about the Journal News’ decision to publish the original gun owner map.


The Journal News created this controversial map in the wake of the Newtown shooting. It shows the addresses of registered gun owners and was widely criticized by gun rights advocates

In a statement to PIX 11 News, he said, “When asked to take the site down, they [Journal News] told all of these good, law-abiding people to ‘eat cake’.  Well, now these same editors are getting a taste of that poisonous cake.”


At the Journal News headquarters in White Plains, armed guards will continue to protect the offices indefinitely.


  • RandomAmerican

    Is PIX11 going to do stories like this on every gun owner whose guns are stolen by criminal gangs because the Journal News told the criminals where all the guns in Westchester County are located? And then do follow up stories about the victims of crimes subsequently committed with those stolen guns?

  • BeenThere

    Hey Biden I triple dog dare you to pass legislation totally outlawing the private ownership of any guns.

    I triple dog dare you to pass legislation that guns cannot be manufactured or sold to private citizens in the United States. Close down every gun factory. Ban the importation of guns made in other countries.

    Just do it! I want to see what happens when all the guns are gone. It will either be "Utopia" or "Armageddon"

    Let see which one it will be. So show me your "Spine of Steel" and ban gun ownership in the United States.

  • Guest

    Hope the criminals use the article to choose "who not to rob" and hit the non-armed homes! We could cut down on inmates in our over crowded prisons. Take the inmates from the prisons, who are in for robbery. Give them free bus rides to New York (escorted of course), give them the area's maps with this article and let 'em go!!!

  • Anonymous

    Would it not be better is the 44,000 permit holders: 1. Dropped their subscriptions – or if there are no subscriptions – 2. Banded together to BOYCOTT all the advertisers in that paper? The wallet is where people get it.

    • Al Zee

      Or banded together in front of the reporters houses in watches 24/7 and followed thier every move and reported it live on twitter and facebook or some other live social media .

  • robotech master

    Wow talk about some blatant propaganda in this piece.

    “some reporters have received notes saying they would be shot on the way to their cars;”

    The police have repeatedly investigated and found that the “death threats” are not threats at all. Plus there is zero proof of these events happening outside of the “word” of a bunch of cowardly nutjobs.

    ” two packages containing white powder have been sent to the newsroom and a third to a reporter’s home.”

    There is also no proof of this either. For all we know the paper sent this to itself as typical in these cases to drum up support. Until such time that the police link someone to these events its best in both cases to assume the paper or people working at the paper are doing this to get sympathy.

  • ALH

    Did the Journal also publish the addresses of the armed security guards they hired? What a bunch of hypocrites.

  • Anonymous

    In the real world you can’t bury broken glass in the ground, and harvest Lollipops and candy canes, no, in the real world, you reap what you sow.

  • 1776

    Obama and these gun grabbing liberals are ripping this country apart with this unconstitutional assault on 55 million gun owners

    • shawn michels

      There is between 200 and 250 million guns in the U.S. my friend. If they try to take our guns away, there will be another Civil War. No doubt. This time, we won't be using muskets either!

  • JEP

    I think these tactics should be taken to another level, basically directed at the mass media for their propaganda exercises.

  • food for thought

    Considering what a problem these folks have with guns I find it ironic that their first response to feeling threatened was to hire an ARMED GUARD! Begs the question why they would like refuse the same privilege to other American citizens.

  • ADHardin

    This "list" of gun owners did 2 things, endangered either the gun owners and their familys and endangered non gun owners and their familys. The biggest deterant to crime is NOT knowing who may or may not be armed. I feel this rag of a newspaper for endangering public safety have abused the 1st Amendment to the point it is NOT protected, it's falls the same as yelling "FIRE" in a crowded theater.
    They should be charged with public endangerment and serve maximum time in prison for their irresponsible behavior.

  • Tim

    Gee, this newspaper puts people in danger and the victims react by threatening those who put them in danger… Who but a fool can be surprised?

  • Ron

    I applaud all real Americans who are fighting back against the DemoCommunist's attempts to steal your constitutional rights. Take out the trash by any means necessary. It will be war,

  • Barry bin Inhalin


    What would be really great is if the armed guard company they hired quit – refused to work for them. Nothing quite like the feeling of dangling ones participles in the wind when you created the breeze yourself.

  • grendel007

    It is about time "journalists" were called to the carpet for their actions. they, like politicans, figure themselves above the regular person, deciding what is good for us to know and what is not, what we should think, and what the morality of society should be.
    I repeat, about freaking time

  • NYS Parkie

    All the Gun owners need to NOW !! Contact their respective representatives in Albany and inform them their upcoming votes on the Cuomo Gun Laws, will be remembered in the next election. Hurry and call or write them now. Don't wait it may become too late!!!

  • Dion

    Death threats huh? Well, they just became a violent criminals. I am all for self defense, but this action can not help make our society civil.

  • satch

    The Libtard/activists at this paper are surprised when people they put in harms way with their threats to legal gun owners,get the tables turned on them.
    This should come as a warning to those who have plans to confiscate.

  • Guest

    Responsibloe gun owners are NOT making death threats. Lefties make death threats all the time –and are doing it publicly in the media and even in legislatures–all DEMONCRAP leftists. EVERY political assassination in the US from Lincoln on (and most around the wordl) were done by leftists.

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