One dead, one slashed at Queens nightclub

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RICHMOND HILL, QUEENS (PIX11)- A nightclub brawl turned deadly Sunday morning. Party-goers at the Flavor Lounge in Richmond Hill got into an altercation inside the club. The fight escalated and spilled out into the street around 3:30 a.m. 36-year-old Kwasi Olatunji was shot in the chest multiple times. He was taken to Jamaica Hospital where he later passed away.

That same evening a separate fight broke out. This one also started inside the club and was moved outside. A 27-year-old man was slashed in the leg with a broken bottle. He was also taken to Jamaica Hospital where he is in stable condition.

No arrests have been made in either incident.


  • Sheena

    Sad people cant go out and have a good time no more, with out someone acting a fool and hurting people..

  • Mr. Vargas

    Where were the Bouncers and if the fight started inside the police should been notified before it even spilled out into the street. If there were Bouncers they should of removed the aggressive mob out first and when it's clear then they should let the other party out after the street of aggressive mob has clear. If the Lounge has no secuirty i believe they should get License and experience security guards. Not for the liability but for the protection of the clients and workers in the establishment. I know i am Head of Security in a Bar/Lounge in NYC and i see all the time you always have to be on your feet ready to take care of business. Really folks always watch your intake know what your limits are before you wake in the morning in a world of trouble. God Bless everyone!!!!!!!!

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