Justin Bieber ‘trying to be better’ after allegedly passing a blunt with Lil’ Twist

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Justin Bieber pictured holding what appears to a smoldering blunt at a recent party (Photo: TMZ)

A TMZ photo taken during a Newport Beach hotel party on Jan. 2 appears to show the pop singer holding a blunt.

Bieber, dressed in a grey hoodie and Nikes, was hanging out with pal Lil’ Twist at the time, according to TMZ.  True to the name, the rapper was reportedly twisting up blunt after blunt to pass around.

Coincidentally, Twist was behind the wheel of Bieber’s Ferrari when a paparazzo died while trying to take pictures of the Biebs.


Bieber apparently had his full security detail, but wasn’t cracking down on anyone taking photos at the party.