Bronx teen busted after using stolen iPod to take profile pics

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ipod theft

Felecia Cooks was arrested for a violent bus stop robbery after using a stolen iPod to post profile pics to her Facebook page (Photo: DCPI)

A young woman is under arrest after posting profile pictures of herself — using the same iPod she violently stole at a Bronx bus stop, according to police.

Felecia Cooks, 17, walked up behind another teen who was waiting for the bus at E. Tremont and Crotona avenues Dec. 21.  Cooks punched her in the head and demanded her purse, before ripping the bag from the girls’ hands and running off.

The victim, also 17, called police and gave a description of her mugger.  It wasn’t until later when she opened her Apple account did she realize that Cooks had used the stolen iPod to take pictures of herself in front of the mirror.  In one Cooks can be seen making a kissy face, in the other she’s smiling.

Cooks posted the photos on her Facebook page, according to the NY Daily News, leading police straight to her Hawthorne home.


    • Skatcat236

      Actually they should use the kissy pic for her mug shot. That way everyone and anyone who sees it, will know right off just how dumb she really is.

  • Jill

    Ahahahahaha!!! What an idiot? Now she will be getting punched in the back of the head by some big bad Momma in jail!!!

  • kes

    What a joke…..I guess she thought she was being a real thug……now she will get a taste of her own medicine….just plain stupid

  • Daniel

    I have little faith in humanity these days. However, my faith in stupid people like Felecia remains constant. Just look at her face and that smile. She thought she hit the jackpot and scored big this time! Hey low-life thugs… get a JOB and represent your people!

  • Mike Gipprich

    This young "lady" is about as sharp as a bowling ball! Hopefully we won't have to pay for her welfare babies down the road (if we aren't already!).

  • DjcoolC

    Its amazing how people are still naive to the advanced technology and the existence of camera’s located throughout the city, even after seeing others caught in the same situation, time and time again. They deserved extra time for being so dumb.

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