Obama, touting gun control, on Newtown massacre: ‘Worst day of my presidency’

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Manhattan, NY – Standing side-by-side, two New York state lawmakers announced their intention to propose a bill that would increase the penalties for gun owners who allow others to use their guns to commit crimes.

NYS Senator Eric Adams and State Assemblyman David Weprin said if this bill passes, those gun owners could face 25 years in prison if convicted.

President Obama promised a strong effort to pass new gun laws President Obama promised a strong effort to pass new gun laws as soon as next year.

President Obama promised a strong effort to pass new gun laws as soon as next year.

Hours earlier, President Obama gave an interview on NBC’s Meet the Press, where he called the day of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, “The worst day of my presidency.”

Obama told NBC’s David Gregory that gun control is a priority.  When asked his reaction to the National Rifle Association’s call for Congress to find funds to put an armed guard in every school across the nation, the President said, “I’m skeptical that the only answer is putting more guns in schools,” Obama said.  “And I think the vast majority of the American people are skeptical that that somehow is going to solve our problem.”

Obama says he expects to pass new gun legislation within the first year of his second term.


  • Pope Algore

    Well, at least we know why gun sales are going through the roof… assault weapons, high capacity magazines, whatever — you name it — and Obama and his Bill of Rights shredding lib Democrats are MAKING SURE that, instead of 300 million guns on the street, there will be 400 million guns on the street! When all else fails, you need a gun control Democrat in the White House to double the number of guns circulating in the USA.

  • Marc

    It is really becoming a class war. You see it is ok for BO and the elite that follow him to have armed security guards where his kids and other elite go to school, but us in the middle have little or no say if we want armed security guards at our schools.

  • Northpal

    more people are killed with feet – ban feet

    more people are killed with fists – ban fists

    All mass shootings are done by neurotic Jews on psychotropic drugs..

    hmmmm………shouldn't we look into that ????

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