Question of the Day: Should doctors have the right to test expectant mothers for drugs without their consent?

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  • Sheila Denson

    I think all new n all ready moms should be tested for drugs its enough child abuse going on why hurt a child that u feel moving inside you with any kind of drugs it should be made a law to test them.

  • Craig

    Yes Testing should be conducted but only for substances that could harm the child. Hard core drug like Heroin, Cocaine & Crack should be a major concern & treated while parenting is heavily supervised. by child protective services.

  • phil

    What happen to Rowe v Wade? Was the main "right" from that case was a women's right to privaticy runs the abortion and most hospital defend s that right. what thinks the hospital can direegardd that

  • Jon

    The law of unintended consequences suggests that the women targeted by these tests will stop going to hospitals to have their babies.

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