Dunkin’ Donuts Studio on the Run: ‘Oh Fiddlesticks’ author Tanji Dewberry

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We spoke to self-published children’s book author Tanji Dewberry about her book “Oh Fiddlesticks.”

Tanji is a single mom to 6-year-old Evan and she works in investor relations on Wall Street during the day and moonlights as an author.

fiddlesticksTanij wrote the children’s picture book “Oh Fiddlesticks” as a way to cope with her father’s untimely passing and a form of therapy to deal with her son’s behavioral issues, which later were diagnosed as ADHD.

The book is a tool to help parents deal with their children’s negative emotions (anger, frustration, confusion, etc)–as it also contains an instructional Q&A at the end for parents to use as a tool to help their children.

“Oh Fiddlesticks” is now available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. For more information, visit www.ohfiddlesticksbook.com.


  • Michael Heath

    RJ Communications in NYC printed Tanji's book and found the author to be as pleasant and professional to work with as she was in the interview. We wish her much success in getting her message across.

  • Alan

    Great concept for a book much needed especially in New York City. As a former BOE teacher I taught many students that had behavior problems. It's an area that needs more attention to help the lives of both the parent and student relationship.

  • Joi Russell

    I loved this segment! It takes a lot of courage to write a children’s story such as this. The author Dewberry is amazing! My children love this book and really love when Sam says, “Oh Fiddlesticks!”

  • Glenda

    Great book for children and quite timely.! Should help adults talk to children, without the mystique drama often associated with difficult topics. Thanks Tanji!!

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