Young singer Jenna Rose debuts new song ‘Walk On By’

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Young singer Jenna Rose is the Long Island native we had on our show two years ago after she became a Youtube sensation with her song “My Jeans.”

jenna roseNow, she’s released a couple of songs, including “Walk On By,” and is on tour with Zendaya and Big Time Rush.  She will be performing at Nassau Coliseum.


  • Guest

    Wow! I guess if your parents have money they can stuff their untalented children in your face no matter what. This was a FAIL WPIX.


    I disagree, I cant believe how far she has come at such a young age. For 14, she has an amazing voice, you can tell she is hard working and that a pop star who will go to the top. Cant wait to see that happen. Never listen to the negative, its just jealous teens.

  • Lydia P.

    How incredible the late great Whitney Houston's cousin Dionne Warwick endorsed Jenna
    in a YouTube interview.That is major praise in itself.

  • Dan M

    I can't believe how far Jenna Rose has come. I saw the first time Jenna was on WPIX ,I think last year or two years ago, I was so curious to see how she developed as an artist.
    Amazing transformation from a autotuned young kid to a MAJOR STAR.
    Has the vocals of a young Jojo ,Cher and Christina A.

  • Guest

    The song is really catchy and her vocal abilities are pretty good. Don't judge her because the kids song she did when she was like 10 because you can tell she really has improved.+ she's beautiful. you go girl :) A&M

  • Barbara C

    Laughing hard because my daughter made me tivo this as she was flying out to Florida and didn't want to miss a minute of her idol Jenna Rose.
    I actually watched her and was shocked she was only 14.
    She is a very talented young lady,great singer even though the mike was going off and on
    her voice was AMAZING
    I actually think she sings alot like Carly Rose, from X factor
    Same soulful tone
    Maybe they should do a duet together on WPIX

  • Krystal

    Thanks WPIX for posting. Jenna Rose is a great talent with an amazing voice. She is definitely on her way to fame and fortune — something she will definitely achieve and deserves for her hard work and dedication as evidenced in her growing advances in her musical career. True, money can buy you happiness and Jenna will be rich when she makes it big. As for now, I don't think money bought her any of this. She is a natural who is happy to perform for her audiences and we are just as happy to watch her. You go, girl!

  • Anthony

    Your a natural Jenna!!! and with all your hard work you will be at the top.. Good luck with all you do… I heard some of your other songs through a friend and they are awesome… Go Get Them!!!

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