US Marine volunteers to stand guard at school in wake of Sandy Hook shooting

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A father in Tennessee is trying to help worried parents feel better in the aftermath of the Connecticut school shooting.

Sgt. Jordan Pritchard is a former Marine who is now standing guard at a school to keep the kids safe.

He’s not getting paid and he’s not even armed, but he says it’s his duty and the parents are appreciative.



  • denise

    I love this how amazing this man is to volunteer his time to make so many parents and children feel safe. i think this is a great idea there should be a soldier @ every school. schools will be safe and these men and women can get paid to protect our children…. this is a win win situation for everyone

  • Peter

    I can’t imagine a better plan than elementary schools employing Veterans like myself to guard school. We stood guard over the nation and now it’s time we stand guard over the future of our nation here at home. Duty, Honor, and Sacrifice.

  • Terry

    Well done. Once a marine always a marine. Hats off to you sir. Lets end this war and bring our troops home to protect us and our children.

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