Question of the Day: Does the Newtown tragedy change the types of gifts you want your kids to get this holiday?

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Good morning! Here’s our Question of the Day: In the wake of the Newtown tragedy, does this change the kinds of gifts you want your children to receive this holiday season?

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– “A quiet gesture after Newtown: Returning gifts that show ‘incredibly graphic ways to kill’

– “Are Video Games Too Violent? The Newtown shooting has revived the debate on what role violent entertainment plays in real-world violence


  • Craig

    The Massacre will not change the kind of gift I buy nieces & nephews, but we will sit down & talk about the dangers & want to be alert to. One thing I won't do is buy them a bullet book bag or give them a gun for protection. #TotalStupidity

  • noguns4me

    no still buying video games for my child . Nancy bought real gun home and taught Adam how to shot . mom don't buys real guns and left them around the house . how about that. how many more resident in newtown got guns hang around there house ? stop buying guns .

  • Yaleet

    It depends if your child really wants a game. Maybe if the game is too violent, get a different game. If it isn't too violent, buy that game. Its as simple as that.

  • Cathy Hoffmann

    I never bought my kids guns. I never understood why anyone would buy a "toy" that would have a child pretend to take another person's life. Cathy – Garfield, NJ

  • james

    I think the more we try to desensitize violence in our society the more we become violent. Part of this problem is we shelter and smother our kids to the point that not explaining what they see in a violent video game is a fantasy and real life would cause pain to someone. When I was child I had cap guns and violent games, but I was told and reprimanded by parents never to repeat what I see on TV or a video game because it is fantasy and in real life real people get hurt, there are no "time outs" and "do overs" . Gun violence maybe out of control but some of the responsibility needs to be placed back on the parents not doing their jobs on being tougher and just being the Authority in the household. James – New Jersey

  • denise

    Its hearbreaking what has happened to this town however i bought my daughter a nerf gun for xmas n i will still give it to her. Because we have taught her the difference between play and real. We as a country need to focus on ways to stop this from happening again. from the home to schools to helping people with mental health issues. As well as making changes to the process of getting guns. This is where we should focus if we dont all work together as a group then we risk another situation like this.

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