MTA approves epic, across-the-board fare hike for bus, subway, rail riders

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NEW YORK (PIX11) – Just in time for Christmas, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority board approved their 2013 budget and four-year financial plan Wednesday that will send fares soaring.

Transit officials unanimously approved the fare hikes that will affect all New York City bus, subway and commuter rail riders starting March 1.

Bus and subway rides will increase by 25 cents to $2.75 while a 30-day unlimited-ride MetroCard will now cost $112, up from the current $104. The seven-day unlimited-ride MetroCard will cost $30, up from the current $29.

To add insult to injury, the MTA will also institute a $1 surcharge to purchase a new MetroCard at every city subway station. The charge, officials say, is to encourage straphangers to recycle their cards.

It gets even worse.

The bonus discount awarded to riders when they apply credit to a card will decrease from the current 7% to 5%, or 25 cents for every $5.

Drivers will also get hit in the wallet, where tolls on most MTA crossings will rise to $5.33 for E-ZPass users, up from the current $4.80 and to $7.50 – up from the current $6.50 for customers using cash.  These new rates will apply at the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge, Queens Midtown Tunnel, Throgs Neck Bridge, Bronx-Whitestone Bridge and Hugh L. Carey Tunnel (formerly the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel).

Greg Mocker, who was at the MTA board vote Wednesday, live tweeted the developments:

Meanwhile, MTA chairman Joe Lhota also announced his resignation at the meeting, fueling rumors that he will be throwing his hat into the 2013 mayor’s race. Yay?


  • truth

    Once again we're being ripped off by the mta.
    Yes, that's right I said, "we're being ripped off"!
    Do we really get what we pay for with the transit system? Definitely not!
    There will always be problems and delays with the mta no matter how much more we pay.

    • None Needed

      Would you rather have New Jersey Transit's zone fares? The riders there have to pay more than we do just to go a short distance and a majority of the service ends almost earlier than most of our service. We could get from Tottenville, Staten Island to Pelham Bay Park in The Bronx in just $2.50 while some NJ Transit Riders gotta pay $3+ just to get from Jersey City to Newark or Hoboken.

      There's ALWAYS going to be delays and problems with the system, NO transit system in the U.S or in the world is perfect. Those that try to envision a perfect system is close to delusional

  • Trevor Logan

    You know, there really isn't anything anyone can do about it…folks need to stop the bellyaching because in the end when March 1st rolls around, you'll be paying it whether you like it or not. Go to google maps, put in Tottenville Staten Island, NY to Valhalla, NY. People can pay ONE FARE and make that trip. Take the SIR to St. George (Swipe Card), jump on the Ferry to Lower Manhattan, swipe to get on the (1) train which takes a transfer…take the (1) train to 242nd St and get on the Bee Line 1C bus to Valhalla taking another transfer (Yes, coming from Staten Island you get TWO transfers!). So for the current $2.25, you can go a full 60 miles! People in other cities with far less transit options are paying more and unless people want to go to a NJT-type (zones) or SEPTA-type (base fare with no transfers) structure, then…we'll hear some ol' real crying! Be blessed that we have what we have!

  • anonymous

    I work for the MTA in the booths as a station agent I am personally against the fare increase, and as far as getting ripped off and there always being disruptions? Well the system is over 100 years old and handles 8 million plus riders a day,so wear and tear does cause delays and repairs to be made. And as far as the increase how many times have you seen people jumping over or crawling under the turnstile or doubling up on one fair next time you see that or do it yourself you will know full well why your fares were raised. And for the record all cards can be refilled as long as they aren’t damaged or bent up so maintain your cards to avoid the surcharge don’t keep them nearcell phones or other magnetic strips.

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