Hero teacher Vicki Soto and three beloved first-graders remembered today in Newtown

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Funerals continued for a third straight day in Newtown.

7-year-old Daniel Barden was laid to rest. His family says Daniel wanted to grow up to be a fire fighter. Firefighters formed a line outside the church.

Teacher Victoria Soto was also buried today. The 27- year-old was killed as she bravely tried to shield her children from the gunfire.

Also laid to rest, 6-year-old Caroline Previdi.

On a Facebook page she’s remembered as a sweet girl who was a precious little angel.

Also, 6-year-old Charlotte Bacon was remembered for her curly red hair and beautiful smile.

Read more about the lives of the lost in our special photo gallery.

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  • Eric Bjorkback

    I would above all else given my life so un- selflessly as to save the life of thee most beautifully un-sellflesly person I will will EVER know within our time if I could have saved her , as to do the same way she chose to try to save the young children under her charge, but to throw myself in front of the evil as to protect her just as she so willingly and most heroicilly chose to try to protect those that needed her to be their as she so willingly gave her life for those whom she saw were under her charge. For there is no greater person that I can ever think of than Vicki Soto that could ever define the meaning of the word HERO ! To those that would come after her presence upon this world wondering what a great person would be described as! For those that would wish to know such HEROSIM of such a person and as to why they would lay down their life so willingly for there fellow humon being! Can YOU SAY THE SAME

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