Father of slain Sandy Hook teacher says she didn’t have keys to lock the room

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One of the teachers gunned down in Sandy Hook Elementary may have been more helpless than others.

Lauren Rousseau’s father says his daughter was only a substitute teacher so she wasn’t given keys to lock the door.  Locking the door is standard procedure during a lockdown.

Her father wonders if she would be alive today had she been able to lock the gunman out.

Rousseau’s car is a testament to the high powered gun that Adam Lanza used during massacre.

Bullets passed through the car, after piercing the walls and windows of the school Rousseau earned a Master’s degree in education, but had been searching since graduation for a permanent job.

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  • Marybeth

    I am really sorry to hear that this teacher was not allow to lock door because she is a substitute teacher . Isn’t that a human thing that incase of emergency a door and a lock is in effect . My you all find peace through all this tragedy .

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