Adam Lanza rigged rifle so he could fire more easily: authorities

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As the Newtown massacre investigation continues, the details emerging are even more horrific.

According to authorities, Adam Lanza rigged his rifle so he could fire more rounds easily and quickly.

This explains how he was able to fire at least 100 rounds in a rampage that lasted not even 5 minutes.


Adam Lanza arrived at Sandy Hook Elementary School with an arsenal that included hundreds of rounds of ammo

Lanza also destroyed his computer hard drive making it nearly impossible to find a motive.

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  • UMassGrl

    I am happy that you keep the public informed but please stop using his name and call him what he really is, the shooter. By using his name you are giving him the attention he wanted DO NOT give it to him, do not give anyone like him the satisfaction of being remembered we should forget them but remember the victims.

  • Jerseyguy

    Stop memorializing this person, stop using his name, stop making excuses for what he did. He was not a kid, he was 20 old enough to know storming a school and killing innocent babies was wrong. The media is giving this coward exactly what he wants daily reports on HIM. Enough with him, he is a murder that simple.

  • truth

    This kid looks like a lunatic crack head in this picture.
    Was this a mug shot photo?
    This is another story about a perfectly good white boy who threw his life away.
    What a beautiful world we live in.

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