Student in stable condition after falling 3 stories from Long Island school

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Huntington Station, NY (PIX11) –  Students at Walt Whitman High School are still so shaken after a senior jumped out a third floor window here at their school.

“He was like a really happy all around good kid, junior Kyle Koerner said. “I don’t know why he kept it all bottled up inside.”

The teenaged boy left a note, a  note, according to the school superintendent,  that police now have  in their possession. The superintendent said he did not know the contents of the note. Other students had their theories.

“He had a family member who had just died, Or was suffering from cancer, Koerner said.

The superintendent was reluctant to use the term, Attempted suicide. He called it a self-inflicted fall out the third floor window. It happened just after 9 am.

“During the four minutes in between classes. Other students were in the classroom, teachers too,” the South Huntington School Superintendent Dave Bennardo said. “They need also our love and support right now.”

There have been several counseling sessions throughout the day here at Walt Whitman, and many students are still so upset:

“Just sad, just feel bad for his family,” Benjamin Castillo, a sophomore said. “I don’t really want to talk about it right now.”

The young man who went out the third floor window is in stable condition at Stonybrook Hospital.



  • Kim r

    You made a large erranous mistake that could end up in libel . In your video you say the boy in this story is in stable condition but in your headline you say he died . Fix the mistake out of respect for parents and. Friends and family

  • South Huntington Mom

    Unless you know otherwise (and no other news site is reporting his death), the student is still in stable condition. It was very upsetting to find this hopefully erroneous headline in my news search, as I live in the community and have been following this story. If it is incorrectly reported, you should change it immediately before you misinform any more people. If it is true, well, what is there to say? It is just tragic.

  • Anonymous

    Correct your headline Pix 11. Very upsetting to read the boy died, hands shaking, I opened the link & go on to read he is in stable condition, please correct your headline.

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