Rats and roaches pour through woman’s wall in NYCHA building

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A city leader called PIX11 for help.
Rats are taking over one woman’s walls in Ravenswood Houses in Astoria, Queens — rodents and roaches are coming into her bedroom and she wants the city to step in and help before her grandchildren get sick.
If you had to live with what Laura Meyers has to live with everyday take a look for yourself, you would also be angry at the city.


Laura Meyers says the NYCHA only went as far as putting a plastic bag over the hole that rats and roaches use to get into her apartment

“You don’t want to bring people here, my neighbors say ‘you are living in poverty,’ this is New York City Housing Authority!”
The hole in the wall looks terrible, but it’s the disgusting creatures that crawl into her bedroom at night that keep her up.
“Something is always coming out of there — water bugs and now centipedes!! Meyers said.  “NYCHA put garbage bags on one of these holes, that’s how they repaired!”
Meyers lives in councilmember Jimmy Van Bramer’s district and he called PIX11 about the situation.
“We know they have a backlog, that’s their response.  But there are too many cases like this and the system is not working.”
When PIX11 reached out to the New York City Housing Authority, a spokesperson told us that they were unable to reach Meyers and unable to talk to us about it until they do.  Meyers says she has been trying to improve her situation for six months.
“You would not want your worst enemy to live here, NYCHA has got to do better,” Meyers said.



  • Jose Diaz

    I’m a property manager for a private management company and its outragous that the city of new york (HPD) comes to our buildings to issue violations for the smallest things and here you have a person who really needs help and since this is NYCHA nothing is done! New york fix your buildings first before you go around telling the small building owners to fix there problems

    • a new mom in lower manhattan

      Am in the same postion, also to top it off I have mold growing in my bathroom also I have a new born baby I suffer from asthma and I notice its getting worse I have put in lots of tickets and I have a leak in my bathroom that is dangerous….we really need help…another issue is the elevator door that close on me as was pregeant that hit my arm and belly is still not wrking good

  • cdchase

    i suggest that the entire complex be treated with Maxforce Professional Roach Gel … the Housing Authority(and all landlords should treat their buildings wiith this stuff). I've been in my apt for 12 years now and have never had a roach problem). I put a tiny drop at every corner of my rental…i did one application back then and never had a problem since. about the rodents….baited traps should be set outside the buildings and the holes should be sealed(steel wool and poisons).

  • Sherri

    I agree with cdchase, roach traps would be one of the best ways to handle this problem. I have had roach problems for years until I used roach bait and traps and now it's been 3 years and I haven't seen a single roach!

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