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Question of the Day: Should news anchors respond to criticism from viewers?

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  • Craig

    People will always have something to say but responding only gives them power. Ignore them & they will go away. Responding is like throwing gas on an open fire.

  • Victoria Freeman

    As with anything all in moderation, its nice to hear from the viewers but a news anchor can not spend all the time responding to criticisms from the viewers. Also, constructive criticism is way different from the harsh down your throat criticism we know NYers are famous for so,in response to the question I would say yes but in moderation!

  • Michael Ballard

    Why would you have criticism about a news anchor ? They are doing a difficult job at times and as long as they report the news clearly I don't have an issue and really if for soe reason you do not like someone change the bloody channel

  • John

    Only when a news reporter or anchor voices their personal beliefs or opinions should critisim be warranted. Report the news let us decide whats right or wrong…

  • Dan

    The viewer spoke his mind and she she has the right to speak her mind she did nothing wrong but yet she was insulted by some stupid person because he doesn’t like get hair. She has the right to speak her mind and she did just that and got punished for it I believe that to be a load of crap by her bosses.

  • Melodie Gonzalez

    Everyone has the right to freedom of speech, the viewer had an opinion about her and she had a response. Just because she is a public figure does not mean she does not have the right to defend herself, as anyone else would have. That viewer should have changed the channel if he was so bothered by her appearance. The fact that she got fired is a disgrace.

  • Wendy P Barbados

    Maybe the Station thinks like the viewer and was waiting for a change to get rid of her. If she is as educated as she seems to be she will one day find something so much better, that she will thank that ignorant viewer for propelling her along

  • Stephanie Sinclair

    A news anchor defended herself for not being a good role model, cause of her weight, so what is the problem of her defending herself as well?

  • Obiajula Ugbomah

    Suky, I watch you and the rest of news cast most mornings. A few month back a new reporter was brought on the shows after being attack on air about her weight. She was deemed courageous. Now this new caster defends her hair after being attack by a viewer and you don't go to bat for her instead you say she shouldn't respond to the viewer. Double standard why ?

  • Mike Klubok

    Remember a few months ago a news anchor in Wisconsin received a negative comment about her weight. Her response was total class and she did not lose her job. Thank goodness. I feel that both women responded appropriately to these bullies.

  • Bethany C

    Ignoring racism won't make it go away. Those comments were racially charged and she rightly pointed it out. Her response was informative and polite and, as I understand it, did not violate any of the station's official rules. She did nothing wrong and any anchor in her position should be able to defend themselves against racist remarks.

  • Nakiesha B

    She was probably fed up from numerous comments being made and thus felt the need to “set the record straight”. On another token, everyone will always have something to say, whether good bad or indiffrent. More importantly, I’m sure she understands the code of conduct and I don’t believe it’s worth her job.

  • Orlando

    For too long we have been politically correct. Tolerance is one thing but if someone confronts you with obvious affronts then you should be able to reply. The door to response was opened by the person who commented. If you don't like what you see, don't look. She had every right to respond and it seems she was far more dignified than her commenter. Policy be damned.

  • Ray Fowke

    Absolutely not! If employers can't monitor their own employer's professional appearance on TV or Radio then they don't deserve to be managers. Irresponsible behavour in public view is in the eyes of the majority of beholders. One or two critisisms do not a bad front person make! Ignore the majority however, and take the consequences of a poorly managed service.

  • Sharkhealer

    Why do Pix 11 producers feel they have to put the female anchors in such inappropriate and unprofessional outfits. I have a hard time believing that all of these women choose to wear such skin tight out fits. I was once a cocktail waitress in the 80's and this is what it reminds me of when I time in to this broadcast. But we all got sick of it and made management change their tune.

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