Teen sex slave: I cried — and laughed — when abusive Orthodox Jewish counselor was convicted

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BROOKLYN (PIX11) —  The Orthodox Jewish student who was just 12 when an unlicensed counselor started forcing sex on her cried—and laughed–after Nechemya Weberman’s conviction Monday afternoon.

“I can finally have a real smile on my face,” the victim, who’s now 18 and a newlywed, told her husband.  Weberman, a 54-year old father of ten, faces up to 117 years in prison, when he’s sentenced next month.  The jury arrived at a quick verdict, believing the victim’s story that the abuse continued for three years in the counselor’s home office, which had three locks on the door.

25-year-old Boorey D,  who married the victim just two months ago in a traditional, Jewish wedding, told PIX 11 his wife was not allowed to testify about everything that happened to her.

Capture“She felt like a sex slave to him, because he showed her porn and said, ‘Do this to me,’” Boorey D told PIX 11.  Weberman was convicted on 59 counts, including a top charge of criminal course of sexual conduct against a minor.

The girl’s mother told PIX 11 last week that Weberman used a lighter to pour liquid on the girl’s body, in a bizarre sex ritual, but the jury was not permitted to hear about this.  The teen’s husband elaborated to PIX 11: “The lighter would start dripping gas on top of her stomach, and it would burn.  She was crying out in pain, and he said ‘put peanut butter on it, it’s going to go away.’”

The victim was  in sixth grade at the Bais Ruchel Satmar school in Williamsburg in 2007, when she got into trouble for asking questions about God and the thick tights Satmar Hasidic girls are required to wear.

That’s when the school principal told the family she would need to get counseling.  The family selected Nechemya Weberman, who was a prominent figure in the Satmar community.

The parents paid Weberman $150 an hour to counsel their daughter, but the girl testified the sexual abuse started immediately, from the first session.  When she protested the way Weberman was touching her, he told her there was nothing wrong, she testified.

Pretty soon, the sessions included oral sex two or three times a week.  Once, when the girl tried to stop counseling, she testified Weberman showed up at her bedroom at home and started abusing her there, undressing her and trying to have intercourse with her.   The girl said she had stayed in bed for three days, not eating, and suffering from depression.

“I wanted to die,” she testified.

The victim’s husband said he was forced out of business in Williamsburg this past July, after the girl’s family refused to accept a half million dollar bribe to drop the case.

The teen said on the stand she went forward with the case, because she didn’t want other girls to go through what she went through.  But her husband notes she also wants Weberman to know what it’s like to be helpless.  “Now he can feel what a victim feels like, when a 350 pound guy steps onto him in jail and holds him down to the floor and he can’t move, can’t do anything,” Boorey D said.

Boorey D praised his wife for her courage. “She used her voice to save other victims.  She hopes this gave them a push to go forward.”


  • Hal Marmanot

    Enjoy prison Nechemya Weberman. You've had years of dishing out. Now it's time to take it, In a really big way. Shame on anyone in the Orthodox community who came to his aid just because he's "one of you." If he's one of you, you're a scumbag too. I hope every pervert who acted dishonorably in this matter gets what's coming to them.

    Time to end all the protections afforded to members of Religious groups. You're not a "Rabbi" , "Priest" or "Counselor" if you're also a pedophile rapist. Hiding behind "God." Disgusting.

  • Sharon

    Perhaps the Satmar Community should be encouraged to follow the order of the 1804 Sanhedrin ruling–"The law of the land is the law of the land. If anything in Torah contradicts this, then the law of the land takes precedent."

  • A mother

    There are child molesters/rapists in the religious Jewish community, just like in every other community, and ALL PARENTS SHOULD KNOW THIS. Jews get the flu just like everybody else. They become child molesters/rapists just like everybody else too. Most religious Jews are good, healthy, kind people, but your child's Rabbi, teacher, Rebbe, camp counselor, camp rebbe, neighbor, uncle, grand father, babysitter may just be a sick in the head child molester. He may be married. He may be a wonderful person on the outside. Le'ts all wake each other up to the dangers out there. Tell your children regularly of the dangers. Educate yourselves. For the sake of our beautiful innocent children.

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