Question of the Day: Should all ‘shock jock’ pranks be banned?

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  • Charlie DePrimo

    no i think pranks can be fun this nurse must have had some thing else wrong with her or just a week person it may sound Mean but the truth !! can u take a prank tamsen?

  • sharon dixon

    its unfortunate that this woman die because of this prank. she might have been in depressed state of mid and this just put her over the edge. people have been playing pranks for years. banning it on the radio is one thing but what about the rest of society?

    • percy

      What is a shock prank and when did it arrive who started tth in any form that causes a loss of lifee first prank. And when did the first prank that caused a life and what punishment they received if none dont punish today if no punishment before

  • lisa

    yes it should be stopped. That nurse/lady killed herself because of what they did. Don't they feel something for what they caused

  • Ronnette McCloud

    I’m 50/50 on this one. How is it a phone call like that to cause her to kill her self? No note no nothing.

  • John Maxim

    Yes, Shock Jock pranks should be banned. I find them disturbing and hurtful for the victims. I do not believe the DJ's should be charged, they have not done anything illegal. What they are going through is pay back enough.

  • joey grever

    I think a joke is a joke but when someone gets hurt because of it,than its nolonger funny.we cant blaim the shock jock
    im sure they had no idea someone would kill themselves.the whole station should be held accountable

  • Tiffany M

    Yes, it should be banned. The primary concern of our constitutional right to free speech is protecting people from oppression because of their beliefs. But words that may actually cause harm for the mere purpose of a "joke" should not be protected. There are many situations where the courts have not allowed a "joke" to prevail when it causes panic or injury to others. Such as yelling "fire" in a movie theatre in jest. Hate speech it protected because of the underlying protection of a person's right to their beliefs, religion etc. A menacing joke is not an attempt to further the goals of "freedom" and protection from "oppression", it is an attempt to elicit a laugh by potentially harming someone else. THAT should not be protected.

  • Chris Ronda

    It’s not the pranksters fault at all . I love the pranksters , Especially impractical jokers .. It’s hilarious , and entertaining .. I think it’s way outta control to place blame on the pranksters.

  • Vicky

    I think they should be ashame of themselves for doing a prank like that because of that a woman is dead and I think they really should pay for what they did I don't think that was funny,my sympathy goes out to the family

  • Gina

    It is one thing to play pranks on people you know in your immediate circle but nothing it is nothing short of bullying to prank complete strangers. Pranking a stranger is done only to embarrass and humiliate someone. Why would a person find that satisfying or funny? I think people who find these pranksters blameless are the ones out of control. Perhaps these people just need to grow up.

  • AnnaCatherine

    It's illegal to impersonate another person on the telephone or anyplace else. It's NOT a prank. To abuse the airwaves is also wrong. People are missing the obvious here. Laws have been broken and someone is dead and it's being passed off as 'cute'. If we were to move this incident to the U.S. the picture would be completely different.

  • Gar

    I agree as to what one person here indicated that it's actually impersonation and not even a so called cute prank. And as to anyone thinking that something was wrong with the nurse, well it was a shock to her that she fell for such a thing and believed it was for real. Her job probably would have been on the line and for a truly honest person this was maybe just too much to handle. She might not have had anyone to talk to and since it's dealing with Royalty than for some like she was, it obviously and sadly was a huge deal.
    In my opinion all kinds of pranks should be illegal when it comes to public and work places, since it's maybe fun for those that pull it off on another but the fun is not for most that are the receiver of such. Plus the more we prank and try to fool others specially in public places–, the more we train the general public into thinking something that is going-on that is weird or strange is just done for "fun' so we all will just turn a blind eye on things that might be for real and not be helpful when should be.
    Those that love pranksters, call on others to do that to yourself and please do not even try to pull it off on others that do not want to be made a fool of or be humiliated in any form or way. That would be totally like trying to bully others as some before me have stated.

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