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A Christmas tree goes where Rockaway boardwalk stood before Sandy

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On a Sandy-damaged stretch of Rockaway Beach near Shore Parkway, there once sat a boardwalk before the hurricane ripped it apart. Now, there’s a new structure there … so to speak.

“I think it’s awesome,” one passerby said about the new “structure”, a 25-foot Christmas tree. “We’re been out here working for two weeks and it just magically appeared.”

A magical Christmas tree in the middle of a torn-up beach. It’s hard to make any sense of. But after we did a little research, we found out the 25-footer, which seems to have a couple of decorations sticking on the bottom half, was actually supposed to be placed in a different location; a plaza area. A local activist got the tree donated, but the Parks Department seemed to miss the mark on this Christmas delivery.

“It’s supposed to be over there so kids can decorate it,” one resident said as she pointed to the plaza location, about 40 feet from where it currently sits on the beach. “But by accident they put it over there, but I understand because they have more soil over there.”

Soil, and a bunch of sand to keep it in place. But not everyone is thrilled.

“I’d rather they fixed the boardwalk. That would cheer me up even more than a tree,” a passerby said as she walked her dogs.

But still, others agree that while they work to restore the area, we might as well have a huge, randomly placed tree to bring a little holiday spirit.

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