Counterfeit fish found in 100 PERCENT of NYC sushi bars: study

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A new study reveals that a shocking amount of fish sold in New York is mislabeled — from grocery stores, to mom and pop shops to sushi bars.

The study was performed by a conservation group called Oceana, and is based on 143 fresh seafood samples.


16 out of 16 sushi bars found to have counterfeit fish, according to Oceana study

Of those, sushi lovers should take note that 100 percent of the anonymous sushi bars investigated had fraudulent fish.  That makes 16 out of 16 restaurants.



Most of the fraud came in the form of fish substitutions — Tuna and snapper were the two kinds of fish most commonly found to actually be substitute fish.

Oceana used forensic DNA testing to determine the breed of fish.  For the full study visit the Oceana website.

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