Prominent Orthodox Jewish counselor found guilty in disturbing child sex abuse case

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BROOKLYN (PIX11) -After an explosive 2-week trial, a prominent Orthodox Jewish counselor was found guilty Monday of repeatedly sexually abusing a young girl he was hired to counsel.

The Brooklyn jury found Nechemya Weberman guilty on all 59 counts including the top count of prolonged sexual conduct against a child which carries a maximum of 25 years in prison.

Weberman, 54, was accused of sexually abusing the then-12-year-old girl on several occasions over a period of 3 years.

The victim who is now 18-years-old, testified during the trial, claiming that the respected rabbi started undressing her and asking for oral sex in his home office in Williamsburg during counseling sessions.

She claimed the abuse went on for three years and escalated to include a form of sexual intercourse.rabbi-guilty


  • Mark

    Weberman is not a Rabbi, he is nothing but a High Schoo dropout who is related to the principle that made the students go to him. but he has no formal training to be a therapist PERIOD!

    • Carolyn

      A Rabbi with no ALIBI ? He is just s despicable as were the Pharisees ! Men like Weberman THINK they are God, and like to feel important ! He needs Jesus in his life !

  • Remember

    Young girl if its true I stand by you and I’m happy for you. Remember that everyday that goes by, you put a dangerous man behind bars . If it’s not true I feel bad for you. Remember everyday that goes by, you put an innocent man behind bars

    • Carolyn

      That " dangerous man " seems to be a PREDATOR, who used his so-called position to prey on young vulnerable women, just like some of the licensed counselors or ministers ! He is not a MAN, he is an animal ! Disgusting creep !

  • Brooklyn Guy

    This is not a fair trial at all. There’s no evidence what so ever, no DNA, no video, no facts. there’s 2 witnesses in behalf of mr. Weberman against 1 witness-with lots of lies-on the accusers side. If u have a issue that he wasn’t a licensed therapist is 1 thing. But u can’t say that because he didn’t have license he sexually abused her. This is only a revenge that she wants to see in Mr. Weberman. So let’s hope that mr. Webermans lawyers will appeal the case and get him to a real ‘FAIR’ trial.

    • Cohen

      No 16 years old girl comes up with such a story, the district attorney has enough evidence to bring this case to trail. The victim was on the stand for 3 days and she was crossed examined by every one and also they were other victim who came forward including a girl that was sent to India by weberman to have an abortion but judge did not allowed that to be part of the case. Weberman and people like him are guilty as sin I hope he rotten in jail and dies their. The chacidic community is the only community in the world that protect some one like weberman. I am sure if this girl was a member of your family you would not say that.

  • hedidit

    bullshit he did it , fucking get with it u idiots !!!! sucks Fucks is all i got to say , they bribe them to drop the suit . she was cross examined for 3 days dont say he didnt get a fair trial . bullshot they are diagusting and u wont get me to feel different , he s apig and so are the woman who stick up for these nasty nasty excuse of a man . ugh absolutely disgusting filth!

    • Carolyn

      Their Torah Law seems to be as bad as the Muslims' Sharia Law ! He is disgusting ! That is alright, because God saw what Weberman did, and God will destroy ALL evil people !

    • Carolyn

      I agree with you, he is as GUILTY as sin ! What a clever way to have acces to vulnerable young women, all under the guise of being a counselor ! Ha !

  • anonymous

    The Jewish community would not except the fact that a Jew would do something like that but people need to understand that at the end of the day he is a human before anything else.

  • anonymous

    The Jewish community would not except the fact that a Jew would do something like that but people need to understand that at the end of the day he is a human before anything else.

    • Carolyn

      I think you meant to say ACCEPT ! In any case the Jews sin like everyone else, and this creep is as GUILTY as sin ! Too bad the young lady did not keep her clothing as evidence, just like Monica Lewinsky. Heehee. There has to be SOMETHING that will get justice for those women, and it WILL cometo light ! Just you all wait and see ! God can't be pleased with this " so-called " Rabbi's behavior, and God will have the last say, just as He did before the Jews were taken into exile in Babylon, for 70 years !

  • Carolyn

    It was said that the women are not believed, because of the Torah Law ! Their laws sounds as ridiculous as the Sharia Law ! This country has its Consitutional Laws, and if the Jews want to practice the outdated laws, let them go Back to ISRAEL ! Because of God's new covenant, ( Jeremiah 31: 31- 33 ), which occured after the coming of His Son Jesus, we are no longer under the Mosaic Laws, but under God's loving grace. Even the Ark of the Covenant is no more, nor will another one be made ! ( Jeremiah 3: 16 )

  • Melissa Jacobson

    Thank u , u wanna believe this dude is a sick f&$@!!! , he has 10 kids hahahaha ! Wowwww! C’mon , c’mon

  • Nina

    It is a known FACT -Sexual abuse does NOT discriminate against any religion, nationality, ethnicity, race or gender!..To the VERY brave young lady who came forward please know you've inspired so many people with your courage and bravery. May you have PEACE, happiness and much success in all your endeavors. and hope you can finally move on!!!

  • hedidit

    u got that right NINA! exactly!! incredible they can forward offered all this money to drop the case , but hes not guilty? hahahhaha yea right okay and im the biggest dumb ass too !

  • hudson river

    i dont know whos guilty or not, but the fact that the media posted this news in a Breaking statement, just comes to show that the jewish community is aclean community, and once in hundred years when theres some news about them the media reports it like it would be the most biggest breaking news. fact of the matter, webermen had dealt with hundreds of jewish problems and everyone loved him, in this case when he split-ted her from her boyfriend she decided to do everything to see him in prison, your only guilty until when PROVEN.

  • Jeff

    Whether someone is beloved or popular has no bearing on what kind of acts they could have perpetrated. Sometimes you can't spell 'therapist' without 'rapist'. This reminds me of Warren Jeffs and the FLDS. It's understandable the community would show blind loyalty – they're naive and sheep do as the shepherd says.

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