Another 90+ day across the tri-state area Saturday. Central Park hit 92 which makes four days in a row. The heat index was in the middle 90s again because of the humidity. We finally see a break though and we should not hit 90 anymore this week.

Problem is that it will take longer to break the humidity.

A cold front will come through tonight with showers and thunderstorms. Some of the storms could produce downpours. The front won’t get too far south of us Sunday, so while the temperature will top off closer to 80, it will still be muggy. A wave of showers and thunderstorms will move along that front and likely bring us another round of wet weather, especially later in the day into Sunday night.

The same thing is likely to occur on Monday.

Even Tuesday could have a leftover shower but drier air will finally begin to arrive and the  humidity will drop. In fact, the middle of the week looks great. However, warmer temperatures, increasing humidity and the threat of
thunderstorms will return for the end of the week. Hopefully it leaves by next weekend.